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Digital Marketing Consultant UK Working with Coaches, Consultants and Professional Service Business Owners in Greater London

I Will Help You Identify and Fix Your Biggest Online Business Growth Problems.

Kase Dean - Online Business Strategy Coach and ConsultantKase Dean - Online Business Strategy Coach and Consultant
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Are You Struggling to Use Digital Marketing to Get More Clients and Sales?


Discover How to Generate More Leads, Get More Clients and Make More Sales WITHIN The Next 90 Days.


Kase Dean


I am Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach, working with coaches, consultants and professional service business owners in Greater London.

I work with owner-operated businesses who need help using online marketing and online business strategies to connect with more potential customers, increase their sales and ultimately increase their impact in the world.

Below is an excerpt from the in-depth digital marketing strategy guide called “The Business Growth Roadmap by Kase Dean”You can access the full guide here.

A great deal of what you have learned about using digital marketing to generate leads and increase sales for your business is incorrect. 

In this guide, I will teach you a system for marketing and selling your products and services online your business in a way that makes your business the no-brainer choice for your ideal clients.

The main preoccupation of the majority of business owners is how to get clients and make more revenue.

Really savvy business owners are also obsessing about their ability (or lack thereof) to generate consistent leads for their business. 

Before I finally understood what effective digital marketing is and how to use it, I was always feeling lost and completely overwhelmed by all the online marketing options  available. 

I have been Digital Marketing Consultant since 2010 and I will help you avoid any frustration or overwhelm you are currently experiencing when it comes to marketing and selling your services and products.

Your First and Most Important Business Growth Area

There are five business growth areas: Leads, Prospects, Sales, Pricing and Profits. 

However, without leads (which rhymes with seeds) your business cannot grow. 

These 5 business growth areas work together like dominos and once you get the first one right, all the rest will follow.

Let me show you why Lead Generation is your first and most important growth area.

But first, let’s get clear about what a lead is.

A lead is a person that is showing an active interest in what you are selling.

How are you are currently generating leads?

Most businesses generate leads via “word of mouth” and “referrals”.

Both of these are great sources of leads.

However, relying on “word of mouth” and “referrals” is an extremely passive, unreliable and unpredictable source of potential new business because you can control when you receive them…

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A Few of The People I Have worked With ...


I own a successful Marketing Agency with a lot of clients and when I have clients that need campaigns built, run, and executed profitably, I refer them to Kase because he is a professional and I know my clients will be taken care of by him and his team.

Andres Ribot

CEO, Ribot Studios

Kase Dean | Digital Marketing Consultant UK 1

Kase Dean is an exceptional professional who takes a real interest in helping people not only reach their goals, he helps them do it in alignment to their values. That’s rare in the wild world of marketing.

Joel Lund

President, Prepare For Rain


The amazing thing about Kase Dean is that he will not only re-educate you on what YOU think you know about business, sales, and marketing but he will also accompany you step by step in the implementation of a Sales & Marketing strategy that is specially tailored for you.

Laëtitia Kafunda

CEO, Madame Rêve Agency

Kase Dean | Digital Marketing Consultant UK 2

Blown away is an understatement!  Kase has a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to any business. And a system approach which is accessible and implementable right away. I look forward to utilizing more of his services, and highly recommend him to any business owner or entrepreneur. No matter the level of experience.

Avi Sills

CEO, Transglobal Entertainment


Kase’s brilliant mind and sheer genius blew me away; he came up with many strategies designed specifically for me.  Kase is more than a Marketing Specialist, he also knows how to tap into his intuition to offer creative solutions to your business needs.

Cezanne Taharqa

Transformational Life Coach​

Kase Dean | Digital Marketing Consultant UK 3

Kase helped me assess the current state of my business. Kase then provided me with intricate, well-thought framework for finding solutions to bring success to my business.

Cedric Streeter

CEO, Kaos Records LLC