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How to Attract More Potential Customers to Your Business Website

Discover How to Use Affordable DIY SEO to Increase Your Website's Visibility to Your Target Audience

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DIY SEO For Determined Small Business Owners

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DIY SEO is a definite option for improving the visibility of your small business online.

Right now, there are a whole host of issues preventing your website from attracting more customers and helping your business increase sales. 

Online business is more competitive and I don't believe that I great business like yours should miss out on prominent search rankings just because you cannot afford to hire an SEO agency.

Doing your own SEO is definitely possible as long as you have the willingness and a determination to learn.

DIY SEO is even easier with a platform like KDSEO keeping you accountable for completing the day-to-day actions needed to improve your search engine traffic.

And, if you ever need any extra help or need the tasks taken off your hands - help is a button click away.

Personalised Step-by-Step Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

better search rankings

The KDSEO platform helps you improve your website's search engine rankings, without having to hire an SEO expert or SEO agency.

KDSEO’s prioritised step-by-step guidance will tell you exactly what to do to rank higher than your competitors' websites in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Getting More Online Visibility For Your Small Business

SEO is a huge opportunity to drive free traffic to your business website, but it can feel out-of-reach for beginners or business owners experiencing financial constraints.

Let me show you how KDSEO will guide you through all the actions you need to take to grow your traffic and perform better in the search engines.

Watch a short demo of KDSEO:

Creating Your Personalised DIY SEO Strategy

KDSEO Will Guide You Step-by-Step to Create Personalised SEO Strategies For Your Business

Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Research

KDSEO helps you discover a list of keyword ideas based on what your potential customers are searching for in Google.

KDSEO will show you the top phrases in your industry based on your products, services and your competitors' websites,

In addition to search volume, KDSEO also gives each keyword or phrase a ‘priority score’ to help you identify your most profitable keywords and search terms.

KDSEO will help you build the best keyword strategy for your business that includes your:

  • Primary keywords
  • Secondary keywords
  • Most lucrative and relevant keywords
  • Long-tail keywords

Local SEO

Local SEO

Rank higher in Google Maps results.

KDSEO Local will help you optimise every important section of your Google My Business listing.

Not only will it tell you exactly what to do, but you can make the changes directly within the KDSEO platform without having to log in to your Google My Business account!

Content Topic Generator

Content Creation

Writing good content is extremely important when it comes to SEO and we know that it can be very tricky finding new content topics.

KDSEO will help you to generate relevant content ideas based on the popular content your prospective customers are searching for on Google, Twitter and Youtube.

KDSEO also helps you build a content marketing strategy that includes quality content such as:

  • List articles aka listicles
  • Infographics
  • How-to articles and tutorials
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Checklists
  • Interviews

Competition Analysis


Study your competition to find new ideas for your SEO strategy.

KDSEO will show you exactly what keywords they are ranking for (great for keyword inspiration), how much traffic they receive and where that traffic comes from, what backlinks your competitors have and what blog posts they rank for.

Your Small Business DIY SEO Guide

KDSEO shows you how to build the right website structure with target keywords based on actual search intent so you have a high performing website.

Better SEO will lead to more visibility, authority and brand awareness for your business.

More importantly, KDSEO constantly updates as Google updates to ensure that your small business SEO strategy will always be up-to-date.

Working Through Your SEO Actions


All you have to do is complete the SEO actions provided by KDSEO's Action Engine.

These personalised SEO actions are based on your overall SEO strategy.

Your action list is simple and easy-to-understand and each action completed will contribute to the greatest results for your website.

Your Personal SEO To-Do List

KDSEO’s Action Engine is like your personal SEO consultant telling you precisely what you need to do to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

All your SEO actions are personalised and custom-made for your website and are accompanied by simple and easy-to-follow guides.

Here are some of the main SEO actions that KDSEO helps you with:

Easy-To-Follow Actions

KDSEO provides you with easy-to-follow actions for each one of your tasks, guides you on what you need to do to complete them and also helps you understand why each task is important to do it.

KDSEO will be able to help you no matter if your website is built on WordPress, Shopify, Wix or any other website builder or content management system.

Technical SEO

KDSEO will complete a technical SEO audit of your website and generate a list of technical SEO issues that need to be resolved in order to improve your website’s conversion rates, bounce rates and overall SEO performance.

Journalist Outreach

KDSEO will help you to reach out to a journalist that requires your expert knowledge for their articles - leading to high-value backlinks.

You can respond to journalist requests directly in KDSEO.

This is a REALLY powerful growth strategy.

Just one Data Outreach project can lead to tens (or even hundreds) of backlinks.

Because often the kinds of publications that share and utilise this data are high-end, mainstream media publication, journalist outreach can have a significant impact on domain authority and rankings.

This strategy will also lead to you being seen as an industry leader, raising your authority, brand awareness and getting you in front of more people who might not be actively searching for your business.

Backlink Analysis

Good value, quality backlinks help to improve your SEO.

KDSEO's backlink analytics will show all of your competitors' backlink profiles and then guide you on how to create new backlink opportunities that can include guest posts in relevant high-authority websites.

Content Analysis

KDSEO will analyse your website content and list recommendations for changes you can make.

These changes could be within metadata, headings, inbound links, title tags or body copy.

KDSEO will help you optimise your content for Google search as much as possible.

Pagespeed Improvements

KDSEO connects directly to Google PageSpeed Insights to show you how to change your website and improve your page speed which important for improving overall user experience and your SEO rankings.

Keeping Track of Your Progress

KDSEO tracks your progress over time, so you can see exactly how the actions you’ve implemented have driven more traffic and customers to your business.

Here's how you can use KDSEO to easily track which actions are working and what needs more work:

Keyword Tracking

Follow position changes for your chosen keywords. 

KDSEO will track your ranking position for each keyword you add to the platform.

You can easily track your ranking goals and see exactly where you appear in the Google results.

You have the choice to track your performance locally, regionally or internationally.

Analytics Reporting

Monitor the impact your SEO efforts are having on your ability to attract your most ideal customers and clients.

KDSEO will provide you with up-to-date data on your top traffic sources, countries, cities and devices

KDSEO is a perfect addition to Google Analytics.

Backlink Analysis

Not only does KDSEO help you build new backlinks and track backlink trends for your website and your competitors' websites.

In addition to this, KDSEO gives each ‘backlink’ a score so you can easily work out which backlinks are most valuable to your business.

Your Potential Customers Are Using Google

Make Sure Your Business Website is Visible

Business Website Visibility

Every day your potential customers are using search engines like Google to find solutions to their most urgent needs and desires.

If your website is not featured in the top 5 results, it is invisible to your audience.

Learning SEO on your own is difficult and expensive.

Ignoring SEO is even more expensive because your business is left in online obscurity.

On top of this, hiring a suitable SEO expert or SEO Agency based in London or overseas can be expensive for most small business owners.

If you are unable to find the time to learn how to improve your website's visibility in the search engines or don't currently have the money to hire an expert, then KDSEO’s powerful technology will tell you exactly what to do – step-by-step – to climb the search rankings.

Done-For-You Services

And...if you are way too busy to complete the SEO actions that KDSEO then you can make use of my team's expertise!

Our team can complete any SEO actions on your behalf.

There are no commitments or contracts, jus select the actions you need to be completed and we’ll get them done for you!

The KDSEO Academy

On top of all this goodness, your subscription to KDSEO includes an academy to help you or your team learn SEO.

The KDSEO Academy will give you the knowledge you need to become an SEO pro and includes courses on:

  • How Google Works
  • SEO Fundamentals
  • SEO Strategy
  • ..and more!

Each course includes video lessons and a quiz so that you can assess what you’ve learned and apply that new-found knowledge to your website.

How Google Works Mod1
SEO Fundamentals Mod2
SEO Strategy Mod3

Why Do You Need KDSEO Academy?

So, why do you need the academy when KDSEO already tells you exactly what to do?

The academy was built to ensure that everyone understands why you need to make the necessary SEO changes to your website.

I want all my customers and clients to have a great understanding of SEO fundamentals so that you can use KDSEO even more effectively and efficiently.

An Affordable DIY SEO Platform Designed to Help Small Businesses

Affordable DIY SEO Platform

Get Step-By-Step Instructions On How to Use The Internet to Get More Customers and Sales 

There are tons of SEO solutions available but none of them are designed non-techies.

The vast majority of those solutions require you to already have a basic understanding of SEO strategies and tactics.

If you are not currently knowledgable about SEO, KDSEO is the solution you need to guide you through your SEO improvements like your personal SEO consultant guiding you to the top of the search engines.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

Monthly Pricing



per month

Rolling monthly plan, no contracts.

7-day money-back guarantee.

£76 per month

  • All KDSEO and KDSEO Local Features
  • Full access to the KDSEO Academy
Yearly Pricing



per month*

Rolling monthly plan, no contracts.

7-day money-back guarantee.

£58 per month*

  • All KDSEO and KDSEO Local Features
  • Full Access to The KDSEO Academy

*£696 billed every 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

How is KDSEO Different From Other SEO tools?

Other SEO software tools like Semrush, Ahrefs and Moz are great "data analysis" tools.

However, you need a far bit of knowledge and know-how to use them effectively - without any guidance.

KDSEO, on the other hand,  is designed to guide you like a virtual consultant; helping you build a completely customised SEO strategy for your small.

It is a DIY SEO solution that shows you exactly what to do to make your website more visible in the search engines.

KDSEO also tracks your performance and updates your DIY SEO strategy as your website improves.

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately not. However, we do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

If at anytime in your first 7 days, you’re not happy - for whatever reason, you can request a full refund.

Am I Tied Into a Long Term Contract?

With KDSEO, there is no contract to sign.

Your plan (whether monthly or yearly) will auto-renew at the end of that period.

So, if you want to cancel for any (reason after your first 7 days), just make sure to do that before your next billing date.

What Support Do You Provide Me?

You have access to Live chat and can message any time with questions about the platform or about your own DIY SEO strategy, and you'll get a reply within half a day - at the maximum.

Do You Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yep! You get a 7-day money-back guarantee.

This means that if – during the 7 days of your first month using KDSEO – you don’t want to continue, then you’ll be provides with a full refund.

Do I Need to Hire an SEO Expert to Use KDSEO?

Not at all.

KDSEO has been designed for non-techies with limited knowledge of SEO.

This allows any business owner to get optimise their website for the search engines.