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Are You Struggling to Use Digital Marketing to Plan and Grow
Your Business ?

Discover The 3 Stage System For Growing and Scaling Your Business
Without Wasting Any More Time, Money or Energy.

Kase Dean – Digital Marketing Consultant London Will Work With You to Use Digital Marketing to Grow and Scale Your Business in a Systematic and Profitable Way.

If you feel like your business isn’t growing at the rate you want, it’s probably because you’re not selling everything you have to offer. 

You are most probably feeling frustration at trying to fit all that you are and all that you can offer into blog posts, website themes and Facebook Ads.

You’re already working every hour you can, the idea of adding another 2 hours to your working day just to market and sell your current services and products sounds exhausting.

Instead, what if you were able to work fewer hours, work with more clients, make an even greater impact and dramatically increase your revenue? 

What would you do with the additional time and money? 

You could spend it working on strategic partnerships. 

You could spend more time finally writing your book or doing more speaking engagements.

You could pick and choose your 1-2-1 clients. 

Or you could go home and pick the kids up. 

Maybe finally get to the gym.

Running a business is supposed to be about freedom. 

Freedom to influence and impact the world around you.

Freedom to pursue your higher purpose.

Freedom to live your life on your terms

If you are feeling a bit stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed when it comes to growing the business of dreams…

If you feel like you’re just going from day to day, working for your business, instead of building a business that supports your goals and aspirations, you need to learn and implement my FTA process.

FTA stands for Foundation, Transformation and Automation…


Growth Strategy Workshops

My first task as a marketing consultant is to deep dive into your business, discover exactly where you are now in your business building journey and then help you build out an overall strategy to help you get your business to where you want and need it to be.  

This is done via a series of workshops (approx. 90-180 minutes each).

During these workshops, we will cover topics like:

  • Future goals and objectives
  • Current and future challenges
  • Revenue goals
  • Core Message and Ideal Client Persona Development
  • Ideal Client Journey Maps
  • Your Core Offer
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing and Sales Funnels
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Website Optimisation

Growth Strategy Review

Once the workshops are complete I will work on creating a report that will cover my growth strategy recommendations.  

These will be the highest-impact activities you need to improve upon or implementing as soon as possible.

Growth Strategy Report

Once the report is complete, I will present my insights and findings to you.  

This report will map out the best strategic, step-by-step approach for you to take with your marketing and online business growth.

The growth strategy report will give you a clear direction for planning and growing your business in a systematic way.  

It will guide you on how to stand out in your industry, attract your most ideal and valuable clients and give you a roadmap of the most effective marketing and advertising tactics to achieve your short, medium and long-term objectives.

You will then be able to decide how to implement those recommendations.  There will be three options: you can do it yourself, I can do it with you or I can do it for you.


Your Signature Service

As your marketing consultant, I will help you build out your signature service. 

Your signature service is your unique solution to your customers’ biggest needs, laid out in a clear, easy-to-understand formula.

Your signature service is something you become known for. It’s not just your brand. It forms the core of your business and, when people hear the name of your signature service, they instinctively think of you.   

Your signature system will:

  • Be your premium-priced core offer
  • Give you the ability to serve more people… while working less
  • Help you create a simple structure and focus for your business
  • Make it easy to communicate exactly who you are and what you do
  • Get better, consistent and repeatable results for your customers
  • Enable you to do what they love AND become known for it

Product Creation Workshop

As your marketing consultant, I will help you create products that your clients want to buy and design all the automated email communication you need for follow-up marketing campaigns.

Marketing is an acceleration tool. We can only accelerate what you’ve already got.

During this workshop we will cover topics like:

  • Discover a profitable niche for your products
  • Create recurring and scalable revenue for your business
  • Repeatedly get extraordinary results for your customers
  • Understand the deeper reasons that you’re helping customers. 
  • Discover positive customer experiences that increase attraction and attention.
  • Encourage existing and potential customers to tell you what they’ll buy and why they’ll buy it.
  • Understand the pain that your customers have and what they want to be solved
  • Cement what you’re really selling and your competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Build a framework for all your future products to quickly and easily build desirable products.
  • Discover hidden benefits to your products that make them easier and faster to sell.
  • Overcome objections that customers have and help them buy.
  • Creating a product ladder that can take a prospective client all the way from free content, all the way to your Signature Service

Entry Offers

We then move on to creating an offer that will give your prospective client entry to your value ladder.

Another term for Entry Offer is lead magnet but instead of just putting together an old ebook, cheatsheet or email course, we are going to create an entry offer that effortlessly bridges the gap between cold traffic, your product ladder and your signature service.

Any marketing consultant “worth their salt” knows that great products and services won’t and cannot sell without good offers – this takes us into the last phase of this process: 

Selecting, Testing, Measuring and finally, automating your marketing and sales tactics.


Campaign Preparation

Everything that we have done up until this point has been all about creating a signature service and a product ladder so desirable and valuable that you cannot help but sell them.

We will create a marketing message that:

  1. Based on engaging stories that make products and services incredibly desirable
  2. Clearly explains the transformation and future that will be experienced via your products and services
  3. That sells your services and products WITHOUT the need to talk about your services and products
  4. Focuses on how great your potential clients’ lives will be after they work with you or buy from you
  5. Help you sell what people want INSTEAD of what you believe they need

Campaign Build

This is where your marketing consultant will seriously start to geek out!

This is where we begin to build out successful marketing campaigns or your services and products.

Successful and effective marketing is based on strategy NOT tactics.

This is not about choosing if Facebook Lives are better than Facebook Ads, or whether or not SEO is useful or if it will be better to focus on Social Media Posting.

This is strategy-first campaign building based on the SCC (Successful Campaign Cycle):

  1. We start with a campaign idea
  2. We test that idea
  3. We measure the results
  4. We automate what works

Campaign Launch

My main role as your marketing consultant is to laser-focus your marketing efforts.

Remember…Strategy First.  Always.

For example, you may feel like you just need more traffic and attention however, you don’t need eyeballs on your website and your business.  

You don’t need any kind of traffic or attention.

You need targeted attention from specific people who are actively demonstrating interest in your services and products, and who are more likely to convert…

…and convert fast!

It’s time to stop spending tons of time, energy and money with very few results.

And in order to do that…yep, you guessed it…we need to focus on strategy and prioritise.

This is the priority order for launching your marketing campaigns:

  • Selling current products to current customers
    • Recurring revenue
    • High ticket
    • Core offer
    • Increase consumption
    • Up-sell/cross-sell
  • Selling new products to current customers
    • Re-launch (change the offer/keep the product)
    • Product launch (new product new offer) 
  • Selling current products to new customers
    • Referrals
    • Close current prospects
    • Launch to leads
    • Audience to leads
    • Convert warm traffic to audience
  • New products to new leads
    • Convert cold traffic to warm traffic
    • Attract cold traffic
    • Identify new markets


This Foundation, Transformation and Automation process is the heart of my signature service:

The Online Business Growth Roadmap.

This is a 9-Step framework for confidently and consistently growing and scaling your business.

Digital Marketing Consultant London - The Business Growth Roadmap 9steps

The Business Growth Roadmap is designed to help you put in place the business growth systems in place to get a minimum of 20% increase in revenue for the duration of the year AND put these systems in place within in 90 days.

That said, it not for everyone…

I only work as a 1-2-1 marketing consultant with established businesses that:

  • Are owner-operated
  • Already generating between 5K and 20K per month
  • Have an email list with a minimum 1000 subscribers
  • Are able to commit a minimum of 5 hours to work on their business

If your business meets these criteria, I am more than confident that I will be able to help your business make a greater impact and dramatically increase their revenue*.

Now, I may or may not be able to help you but I’m willing to have an initial conversation.

Your next step is to schedule a day and time for us to discuss your business and your revenue goals in greater detail.

*If you do not meet all of this criteria, my group coaching program may be a better fit for you.

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