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Small Business Digital Marketing Consultant London

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Kase Dean - Marketing Agency

Do You Need Help With You Online Marketing?

You May Not Need a Marketing Agency...

A Marketing Agency is great for amplifying your existing results - absolutely stellar!

Unfortunately, a marketing agency is not so great at helping you achieve your first sale, working out what to sell or even work out the best way for you to sell.

Fear not...that's where I excel.

Kase Dean - Strategic Plans

Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Not only can I help you with tactics like:

  • building marketing and sales funnels
  • improving your search engine rankings
  • managing (or outsource) your marketing
  • analysing your competitors
  • creating SEO content your website visitors and Google will love
  • research and select the most suitable internet technology to help your business thrive
  • using social media marketing to drive service and product sales
  • using google analytics and tools like to optimise your website

I can also help you with strategic tasks such as defining your business objectives, improving your business model or creating irresistible and profitable digital products.

Kase Dean - Marketing Responsibility

Marketing Is More Than a Passion, It's A Responsibility

I have a passion for helping businesses make the most of the many digital channels available to them.

Marketing is such a broad term that contains many forms of offline and online marketing.

These include search engine optimisation or SEO, paid advertising, website design, social media and many more.

Kase Dean - Ideal Audience

You Must Target Your Most Ideal Audience

This form of marketing gives businesses the freedom to leverage various online channels and target their ideal audience.

Digital marketing ties all these online tools and technologies into one streamlined, effective marketing strategy.

What Exactly Is A Digital Marketing Consultant?

Twenty years ago, companies never would have dreamt of hiring a marketing consultant, let alone know what one was.

In 2020, 61% of businesses plan to add digital marketers to their team.

This huge shift in focus clearly displays the value that a marketing consultant can bring to a business.

But what really is a digital marketing consultant, and what do they do?

Kase Dean - Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap Between Your Business and The Digital World

I’m here to help bridge that gap between your business and the digital world, to effectively market products and services to the right audiences and in the right way.

In simple terms, my role as a digital marketing consultant serving businesses in London, Leeds, Hertfordshire and internationally.

An experienced and knowledgeable professional that has plenty of skills, knowledge and expertise of online business and online marketing.

Kase Dean - Marketing Advertising

Is A Marketer The Same As An Advertiser?

It is a common misconception that a marketing consultant is responsible for handling every aspect of advertising.

That is more the role of an advertising agency, not a certified marketing consultant.

I work with businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries, from start-ups to huge organisations.

I get to know their business, customers, and team members, to determine the best ways of engaging with existing customers online and finding new prospects.

Kase Dean - Marketing Strategy

Strategic Plans Designed to Achieve Your Goals

This gives me the knowledge to find what potential there is for the digital world.

After developing a solid understanding of a business, I will create a strategic plan that is designed to achieve your goals.

This process begins with a FREE discovery session.

The objective of this session is not to provide advice but to provide clarity and awareness about your current situation.

What Digital Consultants Do

A consultant in digital marketing uses their in-depth knowledge and expertise to successfully design and implement a strategy that will be successful for the brand.

Some of the key responsibilities and digital marketing services include;

Some of my key responsibilities and digital marketing services include;

  • Exploring and discovering new ways that a business can engage with existing clients and also attract new customers.
  • Evaluating existing strategies and highlighting areas for improvement and growth.
  • Implementing digital marketing strategies including SEO, email marketing campaigns, social media, website development and more.
  • Marketing campaign planning, implementation and management.
  • WordPress website maintenance.
  • Reputation management.
  • Increasing client engagement through online channels including social media, mobile, email and more.
  • Optimising websites for increased traffic through search engines.
  • Creating and managing email marketing campaigns
  • Implementing content marketing strategies across blogs, websites and social media.
  • Using analytics to monitor your success and ensure that we achieve optimal digital results.
  • Freelance SEO consultant providing SEO expertise and SEO Consultancy to help you attract more targeted website visitors to your website.
  • Coaching and mentoring for small business owners, entrepreneurs managing a new startup.
5 Step Process Cover

The 5-Step Process For Selling (Almost) Anything Online

The key to consistently generating leads, sales and customers with digital marketing is being able to understand things from your potential clients' point of view.

This short guide will help you understand and address the two major concerns on your potential customers' minds when they are looking to purchase a solution for an urgent solution.

How Digital Marketing Consultancy Works

Kase Dean - Strategising

1. Strategising

The first thing to do is to get your digital strategy right using Digital Marketing Analysis & Strategy.

This involves getting a grasp of the business; its model, goals and any challenges faced.

During this stage of the process, a thorough competitor analysis is completed.

Furthermore, I take a deep-dive into the industry overall.

I also like to look at the existing strategy if there is one in place and understand what is effective and what isn’t.

If any existing digital technologies are being used within online business, these are analysed and reviewed in detail.

At the end of the strategising stage, I will know where the business is now and where it would like to be in the future.

Kase Dean - Planning

2. Planning

Once I know where a business is and where it needs to be, I can begin planning the roadmap of how to get there.

This transformation roadmap is different for every business and is created around the goals and objectives defined in stage one.

The planning stage involves dissolving pain points, developing customer personas, creating customer journeys, improving segmentation, designing workflows and much more.

At the end of the planning stage, you will receive a clear roadmap that makes it easy to implement the ideal growth solutions.

Kase Dean - DFY Services

3. Implementing

The most exciting stage of the process is implementing the changes planned previously.

I can work with you to give you the level of support that you need.

This stage is all about creating new best practices, defined processes and successful campaigns.

It is at this stage where I will work to create new digital content assets.

I also help set up new tracking technologies for the business.

I and my team of experts can work on your projects on a monthly basis.

This is just like having a dedicated online manager and marketing department.

The implementation stage can include email campaigns, A/B testing, detailed page tracking, landing pages, customer segmentation, automation rules and much more.

Kase Dean - Optimisation

4. Optimising

Some consultants might end their process after the implementation stage.

However, I think it’s vital to go one step further.

Digital marketing is not something that is just set up and left to its own devices.

The optimisation phase is ongoing and focuses on continually improving the strategy that is in place.

It's all about learning new technologies, training internal teams, and monitoring campaign performance and results.

Changes to digital marketing aren't immediate, and results can take time to show.

This could be a matter of weeks or months.

Therefore, at this stage, I will monitor analytics and metrics to determine what is working and what isn't.

As a certified consultant with a degree in Internet Marketing Project Marketing, I will recommend and advise changes that we can make to optimise campaigns, improve conversions and increase your revenue.

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Ultimately, digital marketing consultants are an effective investment for companies of all sizes.

However, this is a role where no two days are the same.

I have a true passion and love for all things digital and online business.

I also provide digital marketing coaching but I am...

Nothing Like Other Digital Marketing Coaches or Consultants

As a Digital Marketing Consultant based in London, my marketing services are here to help your business grow by reaching your target audience, boosting your online sales and reducing your cost

With the first online purchase occurring 25 years ago, and e-commerce sales set to reach $4.2 trillion by the end of the year, there has never been a better time to hire a marketing specialist to help you use the internet to grow your business.

During this call, you can find out more about how digital marketing can help you get more clients and make more sales.

Kase Dean - MMXXI 250
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How to Get In Contact With Kase Dean

You can get in touch with me using any of the following:

Email address:

Direct Line Phone Number: 07591 934 679

Facebook Messenger:


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Laëtitia Kafunda

CEO, Madame Rêve Agency

"The amazing thing about Kase Dean is that he will not only re-educate you on what YOU think you know about business, sales, and marketing but he will also accompany you step by step in the implementation of a Sales & Marketing strategy that is specially tailored for you."

Karen Cruise

CEO, Flourished Minds

"I’ve just watched my website audit and review and I’m over the moon with the suggestions you’ve made. They are on point and I can really see how they will help my business grow and increase customer engagement"

Joel Lund

President, Prepare For Rain

"Kase is an exceptional professional who takes a real interest in helping people not only reach their goals, he helps them do it in alignment to their values. That’s rare in the wild world of marketing."

Michelle Jones

CEO, Your Significance Coaching

"Kase took time to get to know me, my business, my values and from that proceeded to show me the possibilities. Prior to that call I was weary, tired and confused. After the call I was energised optimistic and excited about my business again. It wasn't just hype, Kase genuinely wants his clients to win."

Michael MacGinty

Sales Director, Meanit Web Design Agency

"Thank You so much for taking the time to do that website review. Your delivery on the video was excellent and your use of the various tools in support of the various audit report points was excellent. The whole thing was very well paced and you continually joined all the dots."

Cezanne Taharqa

Author and Poet

"Kase’s brilliant mind and sheer genius blew me away; he came up with many strategies designed specifically for me.  Kase is more than a Marketing Specialist, he also knows how to tap into his intuition to offer creative solutions to your business needs."