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Digital Marketing Services For

Service-Based Business Owners

Let me start by saying that my digital marketing services are perfect for helping you take a proven and tested offer to market.

If you need help deciding on the right target market for your offer, or you need help creating the right offer for your business, I recommend that you check out my Internet Marketing Coaching and Mentoring program.

Ok, assuming you have a proven and tested offer to take to market, let's get started!

What is Service Marketing?

Definition: Service marketing refers to the use of various marketing tactics and/or strategies that help customers make informed purchasing decisions for an intangible product or range of products.

The core characteristic of an intangible product is that it is something "experienced" (e.g. consulting or coaching) as opposed to a product that can be seen, touched or physically felt (e.g. a Mercedes Maybach).

Service marketing is equally about creating immense value in exchange for a purchase.

What Are The Benefits of Service Marketing?

Here are three main benefits of effective service marketing:

  • Repeat Business and More Transactions
  • Referrals
  • Brand Awareness

An Example of Great Service Marketing

Ashely Stahl

Ashley Stahl Homepage

Ashley Stahl is an Award-Winning Career Coach.

Like all successful service-based business owners, she understands the importance of creating a service of excellence for her prospective clients even before they have considered hiring her.

Browse through her website and you will find an attention to detail that is "second to none".

Starting with her homepage - above-the-fold (before you scroll down the page) you will see that the focus is on customer journey experienced by two distinct types of targeted website visitors:

Today Buyers - these are website visitors with a high amount of commercial intent.  These people will be compelled to click on her call-to-action (number 1 in the image above). 

Someday Buyers - these are people who are seeking information about:

  • their unique problem
  • possible solutions, and...
  • evidence that Ashley is the best solution for their needs

These people have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

They can take a FREE quiz (number 2 in the image above) which provides them with obligation-free educational information about their next steps on a search for the most suitable solution.

This FREE quiz is a win-win.

We already know that the quiz will help the website visitor discover their "career personality" however, that quiz also serves as a system for generating leads for Ashley.

After going through a series of question the website visitor is asked to provide their email address to access the results.

Career personality quiz opt-in form

Email marketing is a super internet important tool for service-based businesses because it allows for relationship building exchanges between Ashley and her potential customers and clients.

By the way, this quiz is the kind of lead generation funnel that I specialise in.

Finally, Ashely provides three ways that they can find out more about why she is the best solution provider for their needs (number 3 in the image above):

  1. Discover your best career path
  2. Land more job offers
  3. Launch your service-based biz

These pre-defined, heart-centred approach to creating a pre-sales experience is just as present on her Instagram page where her commitment to providing obligation-free guidance continues.

Ashley Stahl Instagram Posts

What Digital Marketing Services Are Perfect For Service-Based Businesses?

My knowledge, skills and expertise are at your disposal to help you render your competition completely irrelevant.  

Here are some of the digital marketing services I can help you with:

Consulting and Strategy Service

Consulting and Strategy

The first step in all successful marketing campaigns is in-depth marketing consulting which allows us to define all aspects of the quality.

This is where we will focus on Empathy, Strategy and Technology - in that exact order.

Sales Funnel Service

Sales Funnel Development

From strategy, implementation and management of your funnel is built for you over five phases:

Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing

This is the surefire way to nurture stronger relationships with your target customers as it provides multiple customer touch-points and is a great way to use customer segmentation so that you can personalise your marketing messages.

Website Audits Service

Website Audits

I will audit and review your website, your digital marketing and provide you with expert advice on SEO, PPC, Website Development and Social Media.

You can apply for a free website review here.


Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website's visibility to your target audience with an affordable DIY SEO solution designed for non-techie small business owners.

Apply For a Free Digital Marketing

Discovery Session

During this call you can find out more about how Kase Dean can help you get more clients and make more sales.

The session is an opportunity for me to find out more about your business, your revenue goals and what will be needed to help you succeed.