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6 Tips For Finding The Best Digital Marketing Coach

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6 Tips For Finding The Best Digital Marketing Coach

As an online business owner, one of the most crucial decisions you can make is hiring a digital marketing coach.

Asking a coach to help you out might not seem like a lucrative thing to do, but the best businesses are founded through the innovative mesh of an expert’s experience and a fresh take on a service.

digital marketing coaches are quite easy to find but more difficult to stick with.

Selecting the right digital marketing coach for your business can take a lot of effort and time.

So knowing a bit about what you’re looking for is essential to choosing the best one for your business.

To help narrow down your search, here are six tips for you to follow in order to find the right digital marketing coach for you.

Do your research

Do your due diligence and research for as many possible options as you can! You simply can’t settle on the first name you find—a bit of background on your prospective coach will go a long way into finding the best.

Search your digital marketing coach in your networks; LinkedIn, Facebook, and simple Google searches will be your best shot. If possible, then ask around in entrepreneur groups for referrals on who they have as coaches. Your situations might be extremely far from each other, but it can point you in the right direction.

Communicate with your prospect

When you’ve compiled a decent list of names, take some time to speak with each of them. Scratch out the ones that can’t make time for you—excessively busy ones, while experienced, can’t help you out to the fullest extent. Through a simple conversation, you can readily gauge the calibre of a person, so this is your strongest move in finding the best coach.

Ask about their experience

Be inquisitive; it’s perfectly fine to ask about a person’s experience with online business, marketing, sales and coaching. People with extensive business knowledge can provide real-life examples, but those with good coaching backgrounds can actually teach you what’s necessary. While it’s important to choose a digital marketing coach with the same industry as yours, don’t discount the knowledge that a wizened entrepreneur has no matter what industry.

Determine their coaching style

The experience will tell a lot about what they can teach you, but it’s also important to know how they aim to coach you. Ask a bit about their coaching style: do they use coaching tools or materials? Do they have a structured program or will it be a more fluid experience?

Determine synergy and comfortability

The most important factor would be if you can both work together. Good experience and knowledge are wasted when you both can’t synergize, which is why speaking to each other is highly important. A good digital marketing coach will be thinking the same thing—if they think they can’t help you, then they won’t take you on under their wing.

Prepare for the long-term

Taking on a digital marketing coach isn’t merely a service you’re getting, it’s more like you’re choosing a partner to help you polish your business strategies. More than anything, choose a coach that you can work with for the long haul—they’ll be as invested in your business as you are.


Finding the appropriate digital marketing coach will greatly impact how well your business will turn out in the future. By taking note of these simple tips, you can weed out a lot of your choices, leaving you with the best one for the job.

If you’re looking to improve your online business, then the help of a digital marketing coach will definitely come in handy. Get in touch with me today and see what benefits you’ll get from taking on an experienced coach who specialises in helping you use the internet to grow and scale your business.

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