Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Withstand COVID-19

Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Withstand COVID-19

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Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Withstand COVID-19

How Do You Adapt Your Digital Marketing to Cope With The Impact of COVID-19?

The whole world is struggling to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak. Everyone is advised to stay at home to help flatten the curve, forcing businesses of all shapes and sizes to close up shop as well.

At this point, with everything up in the air, it’s getting harder and harder for companies to keep themselves afloat.

To weather the crisis, Gartner’s VPN Analyst Daniel Sun notes that companies must leverage a systematic approach to strengthen their business models to ensure ongoing operations at this time, digital marketing is one aspect. 

To say that we’re living in unprecedented times is considered an understatement. And given that there isn’t exactly any playbook that can help businesses navigate this crisis, companies must be proactive, all while engaging in sensible and responsible digital marketing not only to save their businesses but also to contribute to society. Here are some tips on how to make that happen:

Adapt Your Business Model

It is recommended that businesses and individuals avoid holding in-person meetings of more than 50 people. This makes it impossible for companies that primarily do business offline.

But while you can’t replicate the services and experiences that you offer in-person in an online environment, there are things you can do to still encourage people to engage with you.

For one, you must ensure that your website is well-optimized for search, as well as filled with information on how customers can do business with you. For another, you should update your listings page with details on how you’re currently operating.

If you’re a restaurant and happened to switch to take-outs or to-go ordering, let everyone know. It will also help if you improve your site’s user experience so your visitors would feel more comfortable buying online. 

Practice Sensitivity

During a crisis, people are desperate to know who they trust and who they can’t. Since trust and respect are the pillars of marketing and sales, now’s the time to show your customers that you’re credible as ever.

If you want your customers to continue buying from you, make sure that you’re presenting your business in the best light.

It would help if you maintain your brand identity and personality, but avoid making light of other people’s suffering. You don’t want to appear tone-deaf. You must also show that you care and that you have your customers’ best interest at heart.

A good tactic to employ is giving away demos of your services for free or offering discounts to anyone who has to settle for a reduced income. What’s more, you must also stay active as now is the time that your customers need you the most.

Always keep your clients in the know of what’s happening. 

Be Flexible With Your Customer’s Needs.

Now is also the time to be flexible to your customers. You must recognize the problems they are facing and offer unique solutions that can mitigate their concerns. Say you’re in the business of food delivery, it would help if you provided curb-side deliveries, drone deliveries, and riderless deliveries to cater to your customers.

This will show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile to serve them and ensure their safety.

They will appreciate the effort and you’ll stay in their minds even when things go back to normal.

In Conclusion

Just because you can’t take in customers in-person doesn’t mean you must stop serving them—doing so will only cripple your operations.

Instead, you must answer to their needs and think out of the box to devise ways on how you can keep generating revenue.

Should you need help tweaking your sales or marketing funnel and need assistance from a digital marketing consultant, get in touch with me to see how I can help. 

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