Sales Funnel Template - How to Increase Sales on Autopilot | Kase Dean

Sales Funnel Template – How to Increase Sales on Autopilot

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Sales Funnel Blueprint

In this post, I am going to discuss how we use a Sales Funnel to increase your sales and implement your first automated sales system.

Your prospects want to feel confident that our money has been well-spent.

We all prefer to avoid buyer’s remorse and make an informed decision.

We want to get the best deal. NOT just the regarding price, but the best in terms of overall value for money.

If you fail to provide value first by helping your audience and communicate with their audience (about their problems and needs) are destined to fail.

Your website must be aligned to the needs of your prospective customers as they move through their buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness: Your potential clients are just learning about your brand and products
  • Consideration: people know about your business and are trying to decide whether they want to purchase from you or a competitor.
  • Conversion: you get a potential client to take an action e.g. a purchase

A standard, static info-packed website will take care of one or two of those stages, but a dynamic marketing funnel will meet the needs of all three of these stages.

Increase Sales and Implement an Automated Sales System

Would you like to increase your sales AND create revenue using automation?

The ability to convert leads and customers into new sales and on autopilot is the holy grail for most businesses.

You can do this effortlessly using a Sales Funnel.

Sales funnels, with order bumps, upsells and down-sells increase sales in three main ways:

  1. They increase the frequency at which people buy
  2. They increase the average transaction value
  3. They increase the speed at which people buy

A well-organized sales funnel can easily transform a 5-figure business into a 7-figure company.

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