Webinar Funnel Template - How to Provide Immense Value to a Large Audience | Kase Dean

Webinar Funnel Template – How to Provide Immense Value to a Large Audience

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Webinar Funnel Blueprint

In this post, I am going to discuss how we use a Webinar Funnel to provide immense value to a large audience interested in your services.

Your prospects want to feel confident that our money has been well-spent.

We all prefer to avoid buyer’s remorse and make an informed decision.

We want to get the best deal. NOT just the regarding price, but the best in terms of overall value for money.

If you fail to provide value first by helping your audience and communicate with their audience (about their problems and needs) are destined to fail.

Your website must be aligned to the needs of your prospective customers as they move through their buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness: Your potential clients are just learning about your brand and products
  • Consideration: people know about your business and are trying to decide whether they want to purchase from you or a competitor.
  • Conversion: you get a potential client to take an action e.g. a purchase

A standard, static info-packed website will take care of one or two of those stages, but a dynamic marketing funnel will meet the needs of all three of these stages.

How to Provide Immense Value to a Large Audience Interested in Your Services

Imagine selling to hundreds or even thousands of people, at a live event, for a fraction of the cost of selling one-to-one.

What if I told you that you can build this as an evergreen system?

Selling can be hard work, especially if you have to sell face to face or over the phone.

There is an enormous amount of time and energy required.

With Webinar or Training event you can create an online live event where you not only position yourself as an expert and an authority… you can also use the same event to convert a high number of your attendees into customers – at once.

Introducing The Webinar Funnel

Selling via a webinar is a proven, tried and tested way to generate dramatic amounts of revenue quickly.

You can create a live webinar event, drive a load of traffic to a sign-up page and sell to those that sign up.

The mark of an expert is creating valuable educational content and that’s what a webinar does.

You can use webinars to educate your audience about their problems, needs or desires and then present them with the exact solution they need.

Finally, you can record the webinar recording and create an evergreen sales webinar.

Did someone say recurring revenue on autopilot?

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