Building Profitable Funnels | A Step-by-Step Guide | Kase Dean

Building Profitable Funnels | A Step-by-Step Guide

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Building Profitable Funnels

Is trying to build a profitable funnel making you crazy?

When it comes to building profitable funnels for any business, the unwritten rule amongst many of my colleagues in the marketing and advertising industry is…

Don’t talk about funnels.

That said, Mr Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson can’t stop talking about funnels

He created Clickfunnels in 2014 with Todd Dickerson and his funnel software business is worth over $360 million.

I get both sides of the argument but for most business owners the terms “sales funnel”, “marketing funnels” or simply the word “funnel” leads to confusion, overwhelm and frustration.

Not to mention, if they do start trying to work it all… a waste of time, money and energy.

I totally get it…

The “marketing and advertising world” insists that you need a funnel.

“Your only one funnel away” from the business and bank account of your dreams.

You need an advanced funnel with all the must-have features and acronyms.

When in truth…you probably don’t need that kind of funnel in your business… right now or maybe ever.

Your Business Needs a Profitable Funnel


You do need one, if…

You want to turn your website into a smart, high performing 24/7 365 marketing and sales ambassador.

You do need one, if…

You want to spend more time away from the office.

You definitely do need one, if…

You want to confidently market and sell your books, online courses, live events, workshops and premium services on autopilot – while you sleep…24/7/365.

But…this is still a marketing tactic like blogging, social media marketing, FB Advertising etc…

The thing is…

Tactics without strategy lead to a whole heap of stress and bad purchases.

The core of the work I do is based on solving this exact problem.

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at How I Use Digital Marketing

I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how I solve this problem so I created an in-depth, step-by-step guide for building profitable funnels.

This in-depth guide that explains how I use empathy and strategy to help my clients make a greater impact, make more sales and gain more time from their businesses.

Annnnd….towards the end of the guide, I also break down the 9 steps for creating a basic marketing and sales funnel.

All of this valuable info is yours for free!

Scrolling through it may make you feel like this


It All Begins With Empathy

On one hand, I want you to understand exactly what it takes to build an automated marketing and sales system.

On the other hand, I want to drill home the fact that all successful marketing begins with empathy.

Empathy for yourself, the people you serve and the people you care most about.

Building a simple funnel is for sure the best thing you can do for your business…

However…this is not about buttons, colours, images or software.

Remember, empathy, strategy, technology.

Technology comes last…and always last!

“If your sales have tanked, maybe the issue is not your lack of sales skills, but you are rushing the knowing and trusting aspect of the buying process.”

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

A funnel or any other digital marketing or advertising tactic only works because of a deep understanding of the human interactions and exchanges that make up the normal sales process.

Once I understand this, I just use technology to digitise and automate that process.

There Are Many Essential Moving Parts

Ok, don’t worry…

There’s always been a lot to this

I am here to help you.

I am going to give you the step-by-step process for doing all of this.

I’m going to give you the complete A to Z of how to use digital marketing to help more people, increase your revenue and live the life you have always dreamed of.

I don’t do get rich quick.

This is a lot of work but it is so very worth it.

Take this guide and implement the steps and you will be able to profit from a system that my consulting clients invest at £1500 for.

That’s just the 9-steps at the end.

The entire process is a lot more.

All This Value is Yours For Free!

This guide will show you:

  • The Five Business Growth Areas
  • The ACEON Framework For Effective Marketing
  • An ACEON Framework Demo
  • And Finally, the 9 steps of The OBG Roadmap which are used to create profitable marketing campaigns.

And the example marketing campaign included in the guide is all about building a simple squeeze funnel.

Now, of course, you can dive straight into the roadmap part.

Totally, up to you.

But what I suggest is that you start from the beginning and work your way through – step-by-step.

Everything in this guide is designed to give you a solid foundation for success.

Do the work. Go Deep and let me know if you need any help.

Read The Complete Online Business Growth Roadmap

Online Business Growth Roadmap

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