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The Broken Marketing Strategy

February 2, 2021

This is the Marketing That Makes Money Podcast With Kase Dean.

Episode 1: The Broken Marketing Strategy

Interrupt Marketing Leads to a Broken Marketing Strategy

Imagine someone who you do not know approaching you while you are eating at your favourite restaurant with your favourite person, and offering to sell you a 2021 Mercedes Maybach GLS for £5,000 pounds.

Just to be clear, this car costs around £130,000 but that doesn’t really make a difference does it?

99.9% of the time you would say no to offer, but why is that?

Well, apart from the fact that you probably weren’t in the market for a Mercedes Maybach at that particular moment in time.

There’s also the small issue of trust.

You don’t know this person and you have absolutely no reason to trust them.

This impossible behaviour is known as “interrupt marketing”.

This is the definition from

“interrupt marketing sometimes referred to as interruption marketing. Is the traditional model of product promotion in which people have to stop what they are doing to pay attention to the marketing message”.

Smart businesses do not market in this way.

That being said, there are loads of businesses that are so sales focused that they are literally the equivalent of someone trying to sell a £130,000 Mercedes to a stranger in a restaurant.

Broken Marketing Strategy

Focused on Getting The Sale

These businesses are usually stuck in survival mode and they can think of nothing else apart from “getting the sale”.

These businesses build websites that say things like:

“Call us”

“Get in touch”.

“Here’s a discount”.

“Sign up today for your exclusive offer”.

These are all commercial intent call-to-actions, which are only attractive to “Today Buyers”.

Let me explain…

Today Buyers and Someday Buyers

There are two main types of website visitor.

We have “Today Buyers” and we have “Someday Buyers”.

Today buyers, they’re seeking to make an imminent purchase.

These are people who have done their homework.

They have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for and they are literally bank card in hand, just looking for the next step in a sales process.

The other type of people coming to your website are ” Someday Buyers”.

These people are seeking decision making information.

The most important point here is “Today Buyers” make up less than 3% of your targeted website visitors.

So, any website that is focused solely on “Today Buyers” is effectively ignoring a massive amount of their website visitors, and by extension a massive amount of potential customers.

If commercial intent call-to-actions are the only way that your visitors can engage with your website, then the vast majority of your website visitors are going to leave your website without you knowing that they were even there in the first place.

You have no way to connect with them after they’ve left your website and you definitely do not have a way to encourage them to return to your website.

This is the absolute, ultimate definition of a broken marketing strategy.

It’s extremely important that if you are anywhere close to having this approach to marketing that you begin to see things through your potential customer’s eyes.

Using Permission Marketing

Instead of using “Interrupt Marketing”, I implore you to use “Permission Marketing”.

Here is the definition of Permission Marketing from Instapage:

“Permission marketing also known as permission-based marketing refers to a type of marketing strategy focused on getting consumers permission to serve them promotional messages. The term permission marketing was coined in 1999 by marketer Seth Goden in the book of the same name”.

Most websites are built in a vacuum.

They ended up being a bit of a vanity project with the business owner and the website designer eventually slapping themselves on the back about a job well done.

The thing is, all of the focus is put on the design of the homepage and a few standard inner pages.

A potential customer with a specific problem does a search and they end up on this business website’s homepage.

Unfortunately, not only is the website’s homepage based on an internal view of the business, but it’s also sales focused.

Remember, we’ve got these buttons and this text that talks about “call us”, “contact us”, “here’s a discount, opt-in for an exclusive offer”.

The potential customer sees nothing that aligns with their specific problem and they leave and they continue their search for a solution.

Permission marketing is focused on getting consumers’ permission to serve them promotional messages.

These promotional messages could be sent in emails or on other pages of the website.

Either way, these promotional messages are a key component of successful marketing websites.

Websites that convert website visitors into leads, and eventually sales.

The Real Keys to Successful Marketing

But… and this is a big but…

These promotional messages are not THE key component of successful marketing.

I really want you to strip away everything that you know at the moment and I want you to think about three main things that are at the core of successful marketing.

You need to be able to articulate the problem that your ideal customer is actually going through.

Once they see you or hear you articulate this problem, they will understand that you understand what they are going through.

The other thing that you need to do is highlight the result that they’re looking for.

At this point, it’s natural for people to be thinking that they need to be highlighting the solution that they provide to that problem.

But no, you need to be able to articulate the result that they’re looking for.

The transformation.

What happens after they’ve had the solution?

That’s what they’re interested in.

That’s their preoccupation.

That problem, you need to think of that as Point A.

That transformation that they’re seeking, you need to think of that as Point B.

Your solution is what gets them from Point A to Point B.

Once you get this, really get it as if to say it becomes part of your DNA…

Your marketing becomes a lot easier and you do not have to resort to gimmicky interrupt marketing.

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