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9 Steps For Attracting Ideal Clients to Your Business

February 28, 2020

You always hear me saying “Strategy-First” or “Strategy Before Tactics”. I mean, I made a t-shirt that has “Strategist emblazoned across it but how is that related to attracting ideal clients?

Here’s the thing, you need to stop thinking them in only general or simple terms:

  • female
  • male
  • design agency
  • director
  • lawyer etc…

The person you want to hire you or buy from you is a lot more than the title you give them.

Unknown Person - Attracting Ideal Clients to Your Business

Treat Your Prospective Clients Like Actual People Not Numbers

They are a unique individual with unique problems, desires, wants and needs.

Before you get started on the tactics used for attracting clients, you need to work out exactly who these clients are

For example, a dear client of mine is a Life Coach who works in education.

She works directly with a lot of different types of clients… Students, Parents, Teachers, Head Teachers, Government organisations…

Even the coaches that work under her should be viewed as people she serves in one way or another.

So, this Life Coach has to attract different people to her business for related but very different reasons.

So, what is the process for attracting ideal clients she should use without losing her mind…

The 9 Step Method For Attracting Ideal Clients to Your Business

Step 1: Pick one type of client for example “The Student”

Step 2: Give this client a name for example “Stella” (Stella stops being a title and becomes a person – but we need to go a lot deeper).

Step 3: Explain where Stella is right now (Point A) for example…

“Stella, is 16, nearly 17 and she doesn’t know where to turn. She wants to become a hairdresser. She does like school but isn’t academic in terms of wanting to go to University etc.. She is really good at maths but she is super passionate about hairdressing and is, in her opinion’ even better at that than she is at maths. But, her parents and teachers keep telling her that she should study accounting and get a “proper” job. Stella plans to complete her GCSEs, in fact, she believes she will get good enough grades but she knows what she wants to do after she leaves the sixth form but she does not feel like she is being listened to and this is affecting how she feels about herself which is having a bad effect on her relationship with her parents”

That third step for attracting ideal clients takes time.

Something that most of us think we don’t have.

We need to get that money now.

We need to get more clients in order to get that money.

All correct but without doing this kind of work, you create your own vicious cycle of expending time money and energy for little to no results.

Ok, what are the other steps for attracting ideal clients…

Step 4: In the same deep detail, describe Stella’s life after she has received the help she needs to resolve her problem.

Step 5: Take a piece of A4 paper and at one end write “The Problem (Point A)” and the other end write “The Result (Point B)” and draw a line to connect

Step 6: List the different things that Stella should do or will do on her journey to solving her problem – WITHOUT YOUR HELP

What we have now is Stella’s “Buyer’s Journey”.

Step 7: Take the first item on your list and think deeply about how you could help Stella at that point in her journey. What advice would you provide her? How would you guide her?

Step 8: Create a piece of content to help her…like this video. This is your Entry Offer.

Step 9: Help Stella find that content or direct her to that content using (free and paid) marketing and advertising tactics

The Ideal Client Workbook

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