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The Business Growth Roadmap

January 6, 2020

Your in-depth marketing strategy guide to working with more clients and making more sales within the next 90 days without wasting time on frustrating and confusion marketing techniques.


A great deal of what you have learned about using online marketing to generate leads and increase sales for your business is unfortunately flawed.

In this guide, I will teach you a system for marketing and selling your products and services online your business in a way that makes your business the no-brainer choice for your ideal clients.

The main preoccupation of the majority of business owners is how to get clients and make more revenue.

Really savvy business owners are also obsessing about their ability (or lack thereof) to generate consistent leads for their business.

Before I finally understood what effective marketing is and how to use it, I was always feeling lost and completely overwhelmed by all the marketing options available

In this guide, I will help you avoid any frustration or overwhelm you are currently experiencing when it comes to marketing and selling your services and products.

The 5 Business Growth Areas

Online Business Growth Areas

There are five business growth areas: Leads, Conversions, Sales, Pricing and Profits.

However, without leads (which rhymes with seeds) your business cannot grow.

These five business growth areas work together like dominos and once you get the first one right, all the rest will follow.

Let me show you why Lead Generation is your first and most important growth area.

What is a Lead?

But first, let’s get clear about what a lead is…

A lead is a person that is showing an active interest in what you are selling.

How are you are currently generating leads?

Most businesses generate leads via “word of mouth” and “referrals”.

Both of these are great sources of leads.

However, relying on “word of mouth” and “referrals” is an extremely passive, unreliable and unpredictable source of potential new business because you can control when you receive them.

More likely than not that you have a business website.

How many sales can you directly attribute to your website?

I mean, you know your website should be helping you make money. It isn’t there to sit pretty as a static presentation of your business.

How many sales can you confidently say you are getting via your website?

Struggling to Generate Leads and Sales

The real reason why your business struggles to generate leads is a lack of strategy.

The central hub of the modern marketing campaign is a business website.

Especially if that business is trying to help people at scale e.g. a coach or consultant can only work with a certain amount of people.

After all, there are only so many hours in the day and there is definitely a limit on the energy you have in your body.

Make Your Website Work For You

Your business website has untapped potential to become your 24/7 365 marketing, sales and service delivery system.

It could be working hard for you: consistently giving you more clients, more sales and…more time!

Unfortunately, decades of “standard” web design techniques have failed to catch up with the way that we all use the internet nowadays and this leads to 80% or more business websites failing to generate any leads or sales for the business.

Struggling business websites have one or both of the following in common:

  • They focus on explaining how great the business is
  • They focus solely on trying to get website visitors to make a purchase

It’s like walking into a shop and being greeted by a sales rep holding one of the company’s products:

“Hey there! Welcome to our awesome business.  We have worked with so many great people, who think we are amazing.  They bought this.  Hey, do you wanna buy this?  I can give you a discount if you give me your name and address right now!”

The Fundamentals Of Effective Marketing

The key to consistently generating leads, sales and clients for your business is being able to understand things from your potential clients point of view.

It is super important to address the two major concerns on your potential client’s mind.

So how do you do that?

Well, it’s actually quite simple once you know and understand the fundamentals of effective marketing.

The Problem and The Result

The two major concerns on your potential client’s mind are:

  • The problem they have that they do not want
  • The result they want but do not have

All effective marketing – whether that’s an elevator pitch, USP, business card, radio ad – consists of 5 building blocks.

These 5 building blocks result in a marketing message expertly showing your potential clients why you are the best choice for their needs.

Effective marketing encourages your prospect to connect with you before they leave your presence – be that in-person or online.

No different from meeting a stranger, getting to know them a little bit and then instinctively exchanging details to keep in touch.

These 5 effective marketing building blocks make up the ACEON Framework.

The ACEON Framework

ACEON Framework For Effective Marketing

The ACEON Framework


This is your headline or introduction either textual or verbal.  It must highlight the PROBLEM your prospect has, that they do not want.  This is Point A.


This is the second thing your prospect sees or hears.  It is your sub-headline or supporting text. It must highlight the RESULT that your prospect wants but doesn’t yet have.  This is Point B.


This is the information you provide… either verbally or in writing…that provides initial evidence to your prospects that you and your product or service will help them get from Point A (The Problem) to Point B (The Result).

Done correctly, this information will cement you in their minds as the best solution and your product or service are preferable to your competition in every single way.


You MUST create a compelling offer that encourages your prospect to continue their education.  This offer is exchanged for their permission to keep in contact with them after they leave your presence.


Many of the prospects that accept your offer are what we call “Someday-in-the-future” buyers. These prospects are in “information gathering” mode.

They’re gathering all the information they need to make the best decision for their needs.

You need to continue educating and informing these prospects.  You need to nurture the relationship with them and consistently help them work out that you are the best solution for their needs.

ACEON Framework Demo

Let me show you a website that could easily and dramatically benefit from using the ACEON Framework.

This demonstration will help illustrate how it can make a big difference in how your website generates leads and sales for your business.

This website is pretty typical for this profession, and 99% of his colleagues’ websites have a very similar layout.

This website is owned by a child psychologist who works with adults as well as children, teenagers and their families on a broad range of difficulties.

In fact on the website, there is a list of 9 specialisations.

Before I get anywhere close to helping a business owner revise and optimise their website,  I help the business owner identify and map out at least one signature solution which will become their market-dominating position.

This will be their unique selling proposition based on the unique way they transform their client’s lives.

This child psychologist could actually create 9 of them but we will start with one.

A Problem, a Solution and a Lead Generation System

For example, let’s say they decide to start by focusing on the first condition on his list: children with “Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties”.

These are kids that yell, scream and constantly have a highly combative attitude toward their parents.

They scream at them and are known in some cases they may threaten the parents.

These children can’t be reasoned with… and their parents have NO clue how to deal with them.

Now, imagine you’re one of these parents.

Maybe you don’t want to ask friends or family for help but you do want to improve things for yourself and your child.

So, you do what we are all used to doing now, you head to Google and search for an important solution to a very important problem.

Keep that in mind as we continue:

“…they are actively looking for an important solution to a very important problem…”

So, here’s the key improvement this child psychologist should implement to improve their chances of being chosen as the “no-doubt-solution”.

They need to create a Lead Generation System for each of their services – or specialisations.

These systems are built to focus on one problem, as opposed to the 40 plus possible actions you can see on the homepage.

Basic lead generation systems consist of three pages:

  1. A Squeeze Page
  2. A Thank You Page
  3. A Delivery Page

The Squeeze Page

So, what should this page look like… and what should it say?

Well, this is where the ACEON Framework comes into play.

The very first thing we must do is highlight the PROBLEM your potential client has that they do not want.

This is the Attract part of the framework: The Headline.

Here is a mockup of the child psychologist’s squeeze page for the “Emotionally Disturbed Children” specialisation:

The Headline

Check out the Headline:

“Are You Sick of The Screaming And Disrespectful Attitude Of Your Child?”

Would you say that this headline highlights the problem these parents have that they don’t want?

The Sub-Headline

Now for the Convince component which is the sub-headline. It MUST address the result they want but they don’t have.

Notice it says…

“Learn the techniques you need to improve and maintain the good behaviour of your child in less than 60 seconds”.

Educational Content

Now let’s look at the third effective marketing component…Educate.

Now, the child psychologist’s website has a homepage like a packed shop window with everything on display.

It actually says:

“Welcome to my website where you will find lots of information and educational articles”

There no clear direction for a parent or child in need of urgent assistance.

Think how difficult it can be for one these parents with a child that has a combative and upsetting attitude.

Would you be looking to navigate through the pages of content looking for a solution?

Or, would you be desperately searching for an important solution to a very important problem?

Do you see why most business websites are basically a complete waste of time, energy and money?

They fail miserably at addressing the problems that your prospects are actively seeking to solve.

Short VSL (Video Sales Letter)

Check this out, here’s a video script created for this child psychologist’s Squeeze Page:

“As a parent, are you struggling to gain control of your child’s attitude and emotions? Is your child yelling and screaming at you, while often displaying a combative and sometimes threatening tone and no matter what you try or do… you just can’t seem to get your child under control?

My name is Dr Stephan Duran, and I help parents like you every day to learn the techniques that will solve your child’s frustrating and destructive behavioural patterns once and for all.

In fact, let me prove it to you.

Enter your first name and email in the box to the right, and I’ll send you a series of 60-second techniques that will immediately restore peace and quiet in your home.”

Do you see how the focus so far has been squarely on the problem, result and education?

The Opt-In Offer (Generating The Lead)

This has taken care of the first three components of the ACEON Framework:

  • Attract – The Headline
  • Convince – The Sub-headline
  • Educate – The Video and bullet point benefits

And that brings us to the next component…the Offer.

Like I said earlier, most business websites focus on getting the “sale”.

The website only includes offers like Buy Now, Call Us Today, Get a Free Consultation…

Look at the child psychologist’s website.  The offer is a free consultation.

The only prospects attracted to this kind of offers are “Today Buyers” and they make up less than 3% of this website’s targeted website visitors.

The vast majority of of your website visitors have never come across your business or your business website before.

Today Buyers and Someday-In-The-Future Buyers

The vast majority of your website visitors are “Someday-in-The-Future Buyers” and the key to generating more leads and sales, the secret to effective marketing is to make sure that you are engaging both sets of targeted website visitors:

Today Buyers and Someday-in-The-Future Buyers.

Today Buyers are looking to get started, make a purchase…

Someday-in-The-Future Buyers are seeking decision making information that helps them come to the best decision for their needs.

Have a look at the last sentence of the child psychologist’s video script…

“enter your first name and email in the box to the right, and I’ll send you a series of 60-second techniques that will immediately restore peace and quiet in your home.”

That offer is ZERO risk, informational offer that helps the prospect what they truly want… a solution to their problem.

They can receive it by simply providing their name and email address… WITHOUT having to speak to anyone… or be subjected to any type of sales pitch.

That’s why the offer on this doctor’s squeeze page says…

“Learn The Secrets To Gaining and Maintaining Complete Control Of Your Child In Less Than 60 Seconds.”

Is that a highly compelling offer that would appeal to a majority of the prospects directed to this page?

This informational offer provides them with proof that this person can actually get them the results they’re looking for.

But the real magic happens when they consume that information.

Within that information will be a predefined offer for them to get even better results by scheduling a consultation with the doctor, which they are now more likely to do.

Conversion Rate: Website Homepage

Consider these numbers for the child psychologist’s current website without any conversion optimised squeeze pages.

300 Leads

Let’s imagine for a moment that this child psychologist is able to generate 300 leads per month using paid advertising tactics such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Now, many Ad campaigns are set up incorrectly, so we can be sure that the leads are being sent to the website homepage or one of the websites standard pages.

30 Qualified Leads

So, if those leads are then sent to the current website, around 10% of those leads…will be interested in the offer of a free consultation and make contact with the business to find out more about it.

Note that I said “make contact with the business to find out more about it”, NOT request it.

3 Prospects

Out that 10 % that contact the business to enquire about the free consultation… only 10% of them will actually consent to the consultation… equalling 3 prospects.

Fortunately for most professionals like this child psychologist, they typically convert 100% of the prospects they get in front of… so those 3 prospects will more than likely become patients.

3 Clients

Note that out of 300 leads, the doctor winds up with 3 new clients.

That is a good average for most businesses marketing their businesses online – 1% of all leads generated will typically convert into a new client.

That’s pretty dismal!

Conversion Rate: Squeeze Page

Let’s take a look at the doctor’s new squeeze page.

300 Leads

First of all, let’s leave the number of leads at 300 per month.

That squeeze page won’t impact that number whatsoever.

But let me ask you this, and give me your open and honest opinion.

Do you think this new page will increase the number of prospects that will request this doctor’s secrets to gaining and maintaining complete control of their child?

Remember, the current site is getting 10%.

What percent do you think would request this new, more compelling offer?

I usually get answers somewhere between 50% to 70%.

Which is pretty spot-on, but let’s stay super modest with our estimation and say that just 20% request the new offer.

60 Qualified Leads

That would mean 60 qualified leads would opt-in to receive those free techniques and actually experience for themselves that this child psychologist’s methods really work.

And once they experience that much sought after transformation, what percentage of those 60 prospects do you think would request the free consultation?

The original figure for qualified leads requesting a free consultation was just 10%.

Again, considering the improvement in these parent’s household after learning and using the techniques that the child psychologist offered for free.

Most people think somewhere between 50% to 70%.

And, I would agree with them, but again let’s be super humble with our expectations and leave the conversion rate at 10%.

6 Prospects

This means that out of the 60 qualified leads that requested the child psychologist’s free techniques, 6 of them now request the consultation.

And, assuming as we did originally that the doctor converts all 6 of them into clients.

6 New Clients

That’s an additional 6 patients per month, isn’t it?

Now let’s say this doctor only charges £600 for their services, even though in reality the fees can be closer to 3 times that amount.

£600 times 6 new patients is an additional £3600 per month…which is an annual increase of £43,200.

That is obviously a dramatic increase in revenue considering we are being ridiculously humble with our figures…and this was achieved without a massive website redesign.

All we did was optimise the child psychologist’s website for conversions.

This approach means that the child psychologist’s website is a lot better at generating leads and sales.

The 54 “Someday-In-The-Future” Patients

What about the 54 people that didn’t become patients?

Remember, 60 people in total opted in for the free offer but only 6 became patients.

90% showed an interest but for one reason or another, they did not continue along the doctor’s sales process.

It is not at all a stretch of the imagination to think that there are more potential patients within those 54 people that need help with their emotionally troubled children.

One thing is for certain, there is something that prevented them from becoming a patient.

It is the doctor’s responsibility to continue educating, informing and proactively marketing to those leads until they convince themselves that he is the best solution for them.

The Email Nurturing Campaign

Email Nurturing Campaign

If this doctor or any business owner for that matter does not want to leave any money on the table, they should set up what I call an Email Nurturing Campaign.

This is a series of predefined emails that consistently and repetitiously follows up with these parents that have shown an active interest in the doctor’s expertise.

This automated email nurturing campaign continues to provide these leads and potential patients with valuable decision-making information until they finally become ready to purchase the doctor’s services.

Effective, Systematic and Automated

Everything that I have detailed above is at the heart of automated digital marketing system.

Attract, Convince, Educate, Offer and Nurture make up the ACEON Framework and even though the name may change from one marketing expert to another, this framework is literally the beating heart of all successful marketing campaigns.

Hopefully, from the depth of information that I have presented to you so far, you understand that have a step-by-step system that will help you build the business you have always wanted using superior marketing that makes your email notifications ping and also gets your phone to ring.

Time Freedom AND Financial Freedom

I built and perfected this step-by-step system (over many years) in the undying pursuit of financial freedom for myself AND my family.

I have always need to do whatever I want with my time and money.

Obviously, I cannot speak about your motivations behind why you started your business.

But, I can tell you that I started my business because I want to be fully responsible fo my life and the lives of those I love.

I could never do that with a job and it took me a while to realise that without a clear system and process for creating effective and profitable marketing, owning my own business was no different than working a poorly paying 9 to 8 job (Yeah, even though it says 9 to 5 on the job contract!).

Effective, systematic and automated marketing of your business will provide you with the financial freedom (and time freedom) to live your life on your terms.

The Business Growth Roadmap will help you reach that goal.

The Business Growth Roadmap will help you confidently market and sell your books, online courses, live events, workshops and premium services on autopilot…24/7/365.

You need more control over your business.

Most importantly, you need more control over your most finite resource – Your time.

There are only so many hours in a day and there is a limit on the number of 1 to 1 clients you can work with.

That has a direct effect on the amount of revenue you can generate.

It also has a direct effect on the number of people you can help.

Build a Business That Works For You

A business that allows you to generate as much revenue and impact as many people as possible without obliging you to work even more hours.

You are not obliged to trade your time for money.

You can help people and make money even whilst you are spending quality time with your family.

You can help people and make money whilst you are off-the-grid on a secluded island on the other side of the world.

The Business Growth Roadmap

The Online Business Growth Roadmap

There are 9 steps to building and growing a recurring revenue online business that generates a minimum of 20K in revenue each and every month:

  1. Define your personal life goals (all improvements begin with you)
  2. Define your business structure and business goals
  3. Identify the best type of client for your business
  4. Define your signature service
  5. Create a product value ladder
  6. Create your first entry offer
  7. Prepare your marketing and sales funnel
  8. Build your marketing and sales funnel
  9. Launch your marketing and sales funnel

Step 1: Your Goals

What do you really want?

Our businesses should be created from the desire to make lives better.

Before we can understand how to improve the lives of others, we need to have a clear idea of what we want for our own lives.

Start creating a vision for your personal life by answering the following questions:

  • How many days do you want to work per week?
  • How many hours do you want to work per day?
  • How many people do you personally want to work with per week?
  • What personal goals will you be able to achieve if you own a truly successful and profitable business?
  • How much money do you want to make each month (yep…after tax and expenses)?

Your Personal Income Grid

At the end of this exercise you will have created your personal income grid-based on these 5 income levels:

  • Survival Income Level
  • Basic Income Level
  • Comfortable Income Level
  • Secure Income Level
  • Freedom Income Level

It will help you decide where you want to get to financially and it will begin to give you an idea of how your business will help you get there.

Let’s begin…

Survival Income Level

What is the bare minimum that you require, each month, just to survive? Bare essentials only.

Basic Income Level

How much do you personally require, each month to live as you are now?

Comfortable Income Level

This is your standard level income, plus additional items that you would like to see regularly.

Think savings, more than one holiday per year, houses, cars etc.

It should be roughly 50% – 100% more than your basic income level.

Secure Income Level

How much do you require to be financially secure?

This is a level where your expenses are taken care of and you’re able to save regularly.

This will be roughly 150% of your comfort income level.

Freedom Income Level

How much do you require to be financially free?

This is where your bills, expenses and additional security finances are taken care of each month.

You no longer have to work every day and can do what you want, when you want, how you want and with who you want.

This is usually 300% of your financially secure income level

Step 2: Your Business

What is your vision for your business?

One of the earliest and biggest mistakes that I made in my coaching business was thinking and acting like I was my business.

I worked in every department: marketing, sales, delivery, administration…

When I was sick, the business was sick.

If I was too sick to work, my business didn’t work at all.

Separating Yourself From Your Business

You and your business are not the same thing and you will obtain success a lot more efficiently if you strategically plan to separate yourself from your business as soon as possible.

So, now that you have created a vision for your personal life, let’s create a vision for your business.

It really doesn’t matter if you are starting a business or have been in business for a little while.

This is an important exercise for envisioning your dream business.

Your thoughts and ideas about the possibilities and opportunities for your future business should excite you.

If they don’t, you should keep envisioning until you literally feel excited.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Do you want to create a movement with your business?
  • Do you want to become a community leader?
  • Do you want to be a key person of influence in your market?
  • Do you want to have a team taking care of delivery and be free to attend speaking events?
  • Imagine you are a reporter writing about your business’ success five years from today, what exactly would you be writing about?
  • What would you accomplish with your business if you could not fail?
  • What would you do with your business if money were not an issue?

Use the answers to these questions (and any other ideas you have) to write out what the perfect business looks like to you.

What Business Structure Do You Need to Achieve Your Vision of Success?

We need to discover and define the business structure that you are going to use for your business.

Far too often, business owners are too quick to jump into creating a business, without reviewing their overall business structure.

Many times, business owners become unstuck when they realise their business isn’t gaining the traction that they desire.

Many of us start a business of one with no one else helping us or working with us.

However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t allocate time and energy for creating and focusing on a strategy for our business.

All too often, the process of creating a business vision and business mission are completely ignored by solo business owners and solo entrepreneurs.

They start off on their business building journey without a clear destination or any clear idea of how to get there.

Your business vision, mission and purpose are your personal success GPS.  They guide your business – especially at those times when you are unsure about what to do next or why.

First, we need to go back and think again, writing out once more:

  • What is your overall business purpose?

Perhaps you’ve had some new insight since the previous exercises.

We also need to reaffirm WHY we are in the marketplace.

  • What is the reason for your business existing in the market?

Next, we need to think about your mission objective.  

Your mission objective is essentially how we can measure when we’ve helped people.

  • How do you know when you have achieved your purpose?

For example, if your purpose is to help female entrepreneurs overcome their emotional obstacles so that they can unleash their potential and achieve their revenue goals.

Your mission could be to help 20 female entrepreneurs transform the way they think, feel about and operate their businesses so that they can generate 5 figures in revenue.

Your mission is the measurable metric or result that confirms that you have reached your purpose.

Consider what people can do after working with you: 

  • What will they have become?
  • What will their future life look like after working with you?

We then want to list out the ways that you can help someone achieve this.

Using some of the service and product ideas from the previous exercises, think about how you would help your clients achieve this future.

Use this exercise to brainstorm a series of methods to scale and deliver your results.

What we’re doing is creating options for using our business to achieve our mission and reach our purpose.

We are creating different methods to serve our market.

  • What’s your high level, overall, business purpose?
  • What’s your mission objective?
  • What are you going to help people Do, See, Have, Feel and Become?
  • What will people be able to do AFTER they work with you?
  • What are the ways you can accomplish that mission?

Remember your business visions and ideas from exercise 1…

  • What’s the easiest way someone can work with you?
  • How can 100 people learn from you at once?
  • How can someone learn from you at their own pace?
  • How can someone get the BIGGEST result?
  • What would someone need to do to get their first result?
  • What does a customer need to have, do and be to get the very best results from working with you

Step 3: Your Ideal Client

Your Ideal Client

What kind of people do you really enjoy working with (and why)?

At the beginning of this process, I said:

“Our businesses should be created from a desire to make lives better.  Before we can understand how to improve the lives of others, we need to have a clear idea of what we want for our own lives.”

However, you cannot help everybody.

You should not even try to help everybody.

In fact, there are people you should are meant to work with and there are people that you should never work with no matter how much money they offer you.

There are clients you will work with that will make your business grow and there are clients that you will work with that will stunt the growth of your business.

Defining your ideal client is an extremely essential step in the process of attracting better clients to your business.

Your ideal clients are the individuals that inspire and energise you to do your very best work.

These clients are the exact opposite of the type of clients that fill you with frustration, stress and anxiety.

I want you to spend every working day with clients who are ideal for you and your business.

Use these questions to identify which of your existing (or past) clients qualify as ideal clients and help you work out how to attract more clients just like them.

  • Who are your top (existing or past) 3-5 clients?
  • What do your 3-5 clients have in common?
  • What worries keep them up all night?
  • What challenges do they face on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What do they fear might fail in their life if their situation continues or gets worse?
  • What do they really want that they don’t have now?
  • What’s stopping them from getting what they want?
  • What have they tried that didn’t work for them?
  • What objections might they have about investing in your product/service

What are your purpose-driven goals for your ideal client?

Now, let’s work on your purpose-driven goals for your ideal client.

  • What ultimate result would you give to your ideal client if you had no constraints?
  • How can you help them get what they really, really want?
  • Why would they pay almost anything for your “dream solution”?
  • What specific benefits do they get from experiencing your solution?

The answers to these questions is a great place to start for discovering your purpose for how you are going to impact clients’ lives.

You may already know what your purpose is or you may be starting to discover what it is.

My purpose is to help coaches and consultants, like you, achieve their maximum income potential.

In order to realise this purpose, I have a robust plan for accomplishing it.

Helping 100 coaches, consultants or training providers build online businesses that generate £1m in revenue.

  • What’s the result or metric you could use to measure how your purpose has changed the world?
  • What are you going to do and use in order to reach your purpose and vision?

Think about product ideas, services and delivery methods.

It doesn’t need to be extensive, but try to list a variety of ways that you could impact the lives and businesses of your clients.

Think about delivery methods like books, courses, coaching, workshops, high-ticket services, low-ticket products etc.

What Are You You Bringing to Your Market?

We need to determine what you’re bringing to the market.

There are a lot of misconceptions about market demand, what your customers need and what your customers want.

In truth, it’s almost impossible to get people to buy something they NEED but don’t WANT.

The world NEEDS to eat less meat if we are to sustain its population and resources.

But I WANT an Argentinian rump steak with mashed sweet potato and Chimichurri Sauce.

Mmm mmm….. Anyway, back to your Market Need.

We’ll be using your purpose-driven goals from the previous exercises to define what drives your business.

Start by thinking about what you can do better in the market.

Don’t worry about focusing on a particular niche or industry just yet.

I want you to think about what is broken in your market.

Think about what is missing from your market.

If you’re not determined to bring something better to your market, then you will find it extremely difficult to build a truly successful business  – online or offline.

In this exercise, we are simply going to:

  • determine what you want to bring to the market
  • discover an audience that wants it
  • sell your services and products to the people that want them

If it turns out there is no clear demand from the market, for what you are offering, then we can go back to step 1.

Your competition is already showing you where they don’t want to be (and what they don’t want to do).

For example, there are particular markets that they do not want to serve, there is content that they do not want to produce, there is a certain platform that they do not want to promote on.

This is a clear opportunity to dominate that platform and create content that serves your chosen market.

  • What would make you the number one player in your marketplace overnight?
  • What if you recorded 200 videos teaching your target market about how to improve their lives and their businesses?
  • What about if you had three published books and regular speaking engagements?

Obviously, we are not going to actually be able to do this overnight, but the answers to these kinds of questions give us possible goals to aim for.

Finally, I want you to think about what it is that other people want and need, remembering that WANT is more important than need.

  • What do your ideal clients WANT and NEED and what can you do about it?

We know that they NEED your product or service.

However, we need to ‘meet’ them where they are at right now in their lives and focus on what they WANT.

Another way to think about the difference between WANTS and NEEDS is to think about the difference between BENEFITS and FEATURES.

When it comes to helping other people it is important to remember that we need to understand how they need to be helped.

And, also never forget that most people are continuously tuned in to an internal radio station called WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

Step 4: Your Signature Service

Your Signature Service

What is a Signature Service?

A Signature Service is your unique solution to one of your clients’ most important problems or needs, laid out in a clear, easy-to-understand formula.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to just one signature service.

You can have more than one on offer at a time, but The Business Growth Roadmap is focused on your primary signature service.

You can have more than one on offer at a time, but the The Business Growth Roadmap is focused on your primary signature service.

The one you want to be known for.

Your Signature Service will build your brand and your reputation in your target market, making you the ‘go-to’ person for your particular specialisation

For example, The Business Growth Roadmap is my signature service.

This is the mammoth guide you are reading now that helps you build an automated marketing and sales system for your business.

However, most branded signature services aren’t totally unique.

In the hands of another online business expert, The Business Growth Roadmap could be called “The Funnel System” or “The Lead Generation Blueprint”.

However, The Business Growth Roadmap is unique to me because it is the result of my personal and professional experience (and obsession) of working out the most effective way to attract and work with more clients, drastically increase my revenue.

What are the benefits of having a Signature Service?

For your customers, your signature service:

  • Makes your offer more tangible
  • Saves them time as all the steps to success are figured out for them
  • Makes your solution easy to understand
  • Focuses on achieving a specific result

For your business, your signature service:

  • Helps cement you as the true expert of your process
  • Streamlines your services and your products
  • Makes it a lot easier to qualify someone for your high-ticket services
  • Forces you to focus on one thing, so you don’t get distracted from your goals
  • Helps your name and brand become synonymous with a memorable, proven solution
  • Helps you build out a coherent value ladder and as your clients ascend your value ladder, your personal involvement increases, and the amount of investment in your solutions increase.

Your value ladder can include some or all of the following:

  • Blog posts, podcasts and Youtube videos
  • eBooks & Physical Books
  • Online Courses & Video Series
  • Speaking & Webinars
  • Group Coaching Programs & Bootcamps
  • Retreats & VIP Days
  • Private One-on-One Coaching & Consulting

How to map out your Signature Service?

Here’s how to turn your service into a signature service:

  • Create a list of steps you take one getting a client from Point A (The problem they have) to Point B (The desired results they want).
  • Choose around 6 to 9 major steps that move your clients forward at each stage of the process.
  • Breakdown each step into 2 to 4 subtasks
  • Add-in Time Frames
  • Identify the most common challenges people will face at each step in your system and how they can tackle them.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your system will look something like this:

Step 5: Product Ladder

Your Product Ladder

What is a Product Ladder and Why Your Business Needs One

Many people in and around the marketing industry have learned about product ladders (as known as value ladders) from Russell Brunson’s 2015 book, DotCom Secrets.

But check out this extract from a post published during the dawn of the 21st Century (fun fact – almost 19 years to the day that I am creating this content):

“We visualize the portfolio of businesses as a ladder. On the lowest rung, a supplier sells products and services, but leaves it to customers to apply their own knowledge to assemble what they require and to use it effectively.

Up one rung, a supplier takes responsibility for value-added integration using its superior knowledge to integrate and sell an interdependent system of products and services — a “solution,” in consulting lingo. Customers still have to create and capture the end value from the combination.

On the ladder’s next rung, a supplier assumes responsibility for the customer realizing a benefit, but leaves the ultimate value creation to the customer.

Finally, at the top of the ladder, a supplier can actually take responsibility — either in part or in full — for the customer’s success.”

Taken from: Climbing Up the Value Ladder – Strategy+Business

Value Ladders are not at all a new idea but your online business success depends on one.

It is the most effective and profitable way to map out your services and products in ascending order of value and investment. Your value ladder will allow you to help more people because you will have different levels of value available to your customers and clients at various price points.

The 30K Drop 

In order to help more people and generate more revenue, we need to turn your purpose into action.

This is how you are going to do it.

Imagine that a potential client approaches you (let’s call them “Potential Client 1”), super excited about working with you.  They have a 30K budget already allocated to work with you.

However, they don’t just require executive coaching.  They also require some done-for-you services for their team. You don’t have to provide these services yourself, for example, you could partner with another service provider or two.

  • List out everything you would give Potential Client 1 for that 30K budget

Now imagine you are approached by another potential client who is very interested in Potential Client 1 has however, they only have 20K.

There is no way you are going to discount your price, so you need to remove some deliverables from your list.

  • Remove some items from your original list so that it fits the 15K budget.
  • Now repeat this for the following budget amounts – all the way down to £30 (or $30, or 30€ etc…)

Download My Workbook:
Your Online Business Blueprint

Use this workbook to create your value-packed product ladder, start your content marketing plan and solidify your niche.

Your Online Business Blueprint - CTA BANNER

Step 6: Entry Offer

Lead Magnets on Steroids

Now we have a transformational value ladder that can take a prospective client all the way from free content, all the way to your Signature Service.

Now we are going to create an offer that will give your prospective client entry to your value ladder.

Another term for Entry Offer is lead magnet but instead of just putting together an old ebook, cheatsheet or email course, we are going to create an entry offer that effortlessly bridges the gap between cold traffic, your value ladder and your signature service.

More importantly, your entry offer (the first of many) will always be created from your Signature Service, and guide your potential clients right to your Signature Service.

Yup! Your Signature Service is very powerful and it will also make your content creation super easy and profitable.

Rapid Entry Offer Creation

In order to help more people without discounting your prices or working more hours, you need a range of products that provide amazing value but don’t require you to sell them or deliver them.

Let’s discover how to create a valuable entry offer super fast!

While we are at it, we are also going to create the sales copy for your Entry Offer Opt-In Page.

Step 1: Entry Offer Content Creation

  1. Select one of the main steps of your Signature Service
  2. What’s the big thing your client would want clarity on regarding that stage?
  3. What are 5 – 10 key stages to get clarity on that subject?
  4. What’s the big problem this entry offer will solve?
  5. What promise can you make about this entry offer?
  6. What was the old way or the usual way of solving this problem?
  7. What can someone do after buying this product?

Step 2: Entry Offer Creation Process

  1. Write out the steps towards clarity
  2. Grab a smartphone (Use a camera if you want but audio is just fine)
  3. Record between 20 – 30 minutes
  4. Send audio to for transcription
  5. Choose your Entry Offer format: ebook, video or audio file
  6. Create your Entry Offer

The Automation Phase

In this final phase of The Business Growth Roadmap, we are going to plan, build and launch the core of your Automated Marketing and Sales System AKA Signature Service Funnel.

This funnel is designed to give you the best possible chance of converting the maximum percentage of your website visitors into new business.

This means that they either:

  • become a lead
  • a prospective client or client (service)
  • a prospective customer or customer (products)

We are going to:

  1. PREPARE all the components of your professional service funnel.
  2. Next we will BUILD and test your funnel pages and automation systems.
  3. We will LAUNCH your funnel and begin using different tactics to attract and guide your target market.


Step 7: Prepare Your Funnel

Prepare Your Funnel


It is important to track the movement of your potential client’s passage through your funnel. The first task is to define the tags and tracking points in your funnel.

We are doing this for three main reasons:

  1. To trigger automated sequences e.g. sending an email
  2. Analyse the behaviour of your potential clients e.g. how many of them decided to apply for a Discovery call
  3.  Improve your results e.g. maybe we offer access to a training webinar on the thank you page instead of a discovery call
NOTE: There is no need to number the tags. This has just been done for illustration purposes 🙂




There are specific bits of content that we need for your squeeze page. Most of this will be created when you create your Entry offer.


Using the ACEON Framework, we need to create a Headline that highlights the problem your prospective client has that they do not want


The sub-headline will highlight the result your potential client wants that they do not yet have.


We need to provide information that educates your potential client about the transformation (result) they will experience from consuming your entry offer.


We will also need an image (or representative image) of your entry offer.

BONUS TIP: PSD Covers is a great source for 3D Mockup templates. Of course, you can also pay someone to create this for you.  My goto is People Per Hour.


The standard destination after opt-in for a Lead Magnet AKA Entry offer is the download page with a headline saying “Thank You”.

We are not going to follow that route because we are using this whole system to build your brand, generate leads and establish your expertise.

This whole system is built on providing immense value before your potential client has spent a penny on your services or products.

So…we are going to use your Thank You Page (TYP) to provide even more value.

The Up-selling Thank You Video

We are going to create a video that is no longer than 15 minutes long and the content of this video is going to have an 80/20 split.

80% of the video will be training on the topic of your entry offer. 

This does not have to be a “talking head” video with you on screen however it will provide value and give your new subscriber an idea of what it is like to work with you.

They will be able to hear you and (if you choose to be on-screen) they will also see you…your expression, your passion, your warmth, your care…your expertise.

20% of the video will be used to explain that your entry offer is only one component of a complete solution – Your Signature Service.

The goal of this video is to provide a “pathway” for those people that are interested in getting quicker results: Your Today Buyers.

At the end of this video we will invite them to apply for a Discovery Call via a Qualification Form.

Up-selling Thank You Page Video



We are going to create a multi-step application form.  Multi-step means that instead of having one long page of questions.  We are going to have multi mini pages.

Example Multi-Step Form

Deal Breaker Questions

You will need to make a list of questions that will help you determine whether or not a prospect is a good fit for your services.

Within this list of questions will be a couple of “Deal Breaker” questions.

For example, you may want to accept applications from people with a certain budget or experience.

These deal-breaker questions will help us builder our Qualification automation process.

So, if we only want to speak with prospect with a budget of over £1000 per month.

We would create the following “Deal Breaker” question:

“What monthly amount are you prepared to invest to achieve your revenue goal?”

We would then have drop-down options:

  • I don’t have a budget
  • £500 per month
  • £1000 per month
  • £2000 per month
  • £5000 per month

We can then create an automation that sends different next steps based on the answer they select.

Application Question Resources

Here are some resources you can use to create your application questions if you are stuck on what to ask your prospects:


Our final tasks for the preparation phase are the creation of our emails.

We have 4 types of emails to create:

  1. A Delivery email
  2. Nurturing emails
  3. A Qualification email
  4. A Disqualification email


These emails begin with a delivery email and then lead into a nurturing campaign that will provide your new leads with immense value and expertly guide them to greater results and transformations via your paid solutions.

The last three emails are a mini launch series that guides them to one of your paid resources – in a natural and totally “non-salesy” way.

Qualification Email

This is the email that will be automatically sent based on how people answer your “Deal-Breaker Question(s)”.

The idea here is that people who “pass” your deal-breaker questions get sent this email.

E.g. If they they answer that their budget is over £1000 per month

Here is an example qualification email:

Hello {firstname},

Thank you for completing my [name of form] form.

I would like to learn more about your [business/need/problem].

I suggest that you arrange a day and time for our call using this link (link to your appointment booking software).

I look forward to speaking with you.

[email signature]

Disqualification Email

This is the email that will be automatically sent to people who “fail” your “Deal Breaker Question(s).

e.g. they answer state that they do not have a budget for your serves.

In this email we are going to explain that they are not a good fit for your services…or better yet that you are not a good fit for their needs.

We are still going to provide value, education and information based where they are currently at.

In the example below, we are recommending that they check out a post about the importance of a marketing budget.

Here is an example disqualification email that I use for my business:

Hello {firstname},

Thank you for filling out our application form for a complimentary [session name] Session.

We’re sorry, but we’ve reviewed your application and based on your answers you don’t qualify as a good fit for our services at this time.

Sometimes this can happen when you accidentally indicate on your application that you do not have a marketing budget.

If you feel we have made a mistake in assessing your application, please feel free to contact us.

[email signature]

Download My “Fill-in-The-Blanks” Nurturing Emails

A 9-part email sequence for new leads that provide immense value and expertly guide them to greater results and transformations via your paid solutions.


Step 8: Build Your Funnel

Build Your Funnel

Okay! We are almost done.

Time to roll up your sleeves and start building your Signature Services Funnel.

Check out the speed build video below of the Squeeze Page.  In the video, I am going through the flow steps:

  • Adding a logo
  • Adding headline and supporting text
  • Adding an image of the entry offer
  • Setting up the popup opt-in form
  • Creating a list and tag in Activecapmaign
  • Connecting the opt-in form to Activecampaign
  • Testing the redirect after submission
  • Confirming that the new subscriber has the relevant tag

Download the Signature Services Funnel Checklist to help guide you through building your Signature Service Funnel.

Use these three, free traffic strategies to attract your ideal clients to your signature service funnel:

Promotional Email

You will use this email to let your existing list know about your new entry offer. If you don’t currently have a list, skip this strategy and move on to the next one.


Impress your potential partners that complement your entry offer and are already talking to the people you want to reach.

Promotional Blog Post

Pick a compelling topic related to your entry offer and use your entry offer as a content upgrade. You’ll also be able to use this blog post to attract Facebook traffic.

Download My 3 Powerful & Low Cost Traffic Strategies Workbook

Free powerful traffic strategies for your signature service funnel (includes four fill-in-the-blank templates)

Free Funnel Traffic Strategies - CTA Banner Image

Would You Like Some Help Building An Automated Marketing and Sales System For Your Business?

Until you’ve gone methodically through the first 6 steps above, don’t even begin thinking about how you’re going spend money on advertising or that new piece of does-it-all productivity software.

Focus on your Foundation and how you get your clients the Transformation they want and need.

If you would like to found out how I can help you use strategic marketing to make sales while you sleep.

If you want to get crystal clear on the ONE THING you should be doing right now to use online marketing to take your business to the next level, click here to apply for a no-obligation digital marketing discovery call.

This call will give us a chance to dive deeper into your business, your revenue goals are and identify exactly where we can help.

Please note that I offer this call to growing businesses generating between 1K and 10K per month who are suffering from an inconsistent flow of qualified sales leads.

Ok, that’s all for now.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

– Kase

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