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Do You Need a Digital Marketing Coach?

December 20, 2020

If you are not sure why you need a digital marketing coach, read on to learn more about how one could help you.

You have planned hard for your business and have taken into consideration every aspect to ensure success. However, do you find yourself in a little bit of a pickle when it comes to digital marketing? Do not worry.

Many other business owners run into this problem as well. Even if you know a lot about digital marketing, you might still be unsure about what to do precisely, especially if you have never taken part in any type of digital marketing before.

If you find yourself needing guidance on how you can go about digital marketing for your business, consider getting a digital marketing coach. Like a football coach or a basketball coach, a digital marketing coach will guide you on your way to creating the perfect digital marketing strategy

What is a digital marketing coach?

Put simply, digital marketing coaches are people who help guide you in improving your online visibility. This can revolve around your social media presence, website, digital store, email campaign, and many more. 

Why should I get a digital marketing coach?

If you had the necessary resources, you could easily work with services that help guide you in your digital marketing efforts such as PPC, SEO, and the like. However, if you have just started your business, you can find that these types of services can grow quite costly extremely quickly.

The solution to helping you in your digital marketing ventures while keeping costs low would be to work with a digital marketing coach. While they will not directly manage and execute your entire strategy, they will teach you all about it.

In other words, you are like a student learning the different aspects of digital marketing. While the downside to this is that you must still do everything by yourself, the biggest benefit is that you learn how to do it yourself! The next time you opt for a service to take care of these aspects, you will have a full grasp of exactly what you want to help you achieve your goals quicker.

What does a digital marketing coach do exactly?

Simply put, they help you in planning your digital marketing strategy, as well as guiding you in other activities such as coming up with articles for your blog. For example, if you find yourself in a writer’s block with no idea what to write for your blog, a coach can help you figure that out. To add to this, a digital marketing coach will teach you strategies and tactics that are relevant to your business and deliver results!

6 Tips For Finding The Right Digital Marketing Coach

1. Do your research

Do your due diligence and research for as many possible options as you can! You simply can’t settle on the first name you find—a bit of background on your prospective coach will go a long way into finding the best.

Search your digital marketing coach in your networks; LinkedIn, Facebook, and simple Google searches will be your best shot. If possible, then ask around in entrepreneur groups for referrals on who they have as coaches. Your situations might be extremely far from each other, but it can point you in the right direction.

2. Communicate with your prospect

When you’ve compiled a decent list of names, take some time to speak with each of them. Scratch out the ones that can’t make time for you—excessively busy ones, while experienced, can’t help you out to the fullest extent. Through a simple conversation, you can readily gauge the calibre of a person, so this is your strongest move in finding the best coach.

3. Ask about their experience

Be inquisitive; it’s perfectly fine to ask about a person’s experience with an online business, marketing, sales and coaching. People with extensive business knowledge can provide real-life examples, but those with good coaching backgrounds can actually teach you what’s necessary. While it’s important to choose a digital marketing coach with the same industry as yours, don’t discount the knowledge that a wizened entrepreneur has no matter what industry.

4. Determine the style of the digital marketing coach

The experience will tell a lot about what they can teach you, but it’s also important to know how they aim to coach you. Ask a bit about their coaching style: do they use coaching tools or materials? Do they have a structured program or will it be a more fluid experience?

5. Determine synergy and comfortability

The most important factor would be if you can both work together. Good experience and knowledge are wasted when you both can’t synergize, which is why speaking to each other is highly important. A good digital marketing coach will be thinking the same thing—if they think they can’t help you, then they won’t take you on under their wing.

6. Prepare for the long-term

Taking on a digital marketing coach isn’t merely a service you’re getting, it’s more like you’re choosing a partner to help you polish your business strategies. More than anything, choose a coach that you can work with for the long haul—they’ll be as invested in your business as you are.


Whether you have trouble looking for what to post on your social media account or figuring out what kind of ads will get you the most attention, a digital marketing coach will help you in all those aspects. Plus, they give you the necessary training you need to think for yourself, which will help you make more well-informed decisions to grow your business.

Are you looking for a digital marketing coach to help you grow your brand-new business? I can help you out! From social media marketing to revenue goals, I will get your business up and running, growing in popularity online. 

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