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Marketing Strategy

When to Consider Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant – Quick Guide

March 31, 2020

During 2019, digital ad spending around the world grew to $333.25 billion.

Brands are starting to shift toward digital advertising, even as they keep their traditional channels.

Marketers have realised that each approach has its strengths, and they are looking to leverage the cheaper costs and faster turnaround time of digital media with the help of a digital marketing consultant.

Digital marketing and advertising hold a lot of potentials, but owners who have not tried these might be apprehensive to start.

If your business has yet to implement a marketing plan online, you can hire a digital marketing consultant to get you started. They can help develop your campaign and make sure it is fit for the digital landscape.

If your business has any of the following, you should consider getting the services of a digital marketing consultant:

When to consider hiring a digital marketing consultant:

1. If you have an outdated or non-functional business website

If your website looks like it’s from the early 2000s, you should definitely get an upgrade.

Websites these days tend to have flat, monochromatic details. 3D-style logos are no longer in vogue, so if your company has a 3D logo, you should consider an update.

Furthermore, some websites have hopped on the trend of applying a parallax scrolling effect, which is when the background moves at a different speed to the content.

Though this might seem like a superficial change, it is more important than you think.

Your website should always be appealing and informative so that it can hold people’s attention.

If you don’t have time to update the simplest things about your company, like your official website, you give the impression that you overlook other parts of the business.

2. You have little knowledge of your target audience

Some business owners spend on advertisements and campaigns and deploy them indiscriminately.

Marketing to anyone and everyone is not as effective as identifying niches to target.

That is because people read advertisements with emotional lenses, and you just can’t appeal to everyone.

It is impossible to get everybody to like you.

Instead of diluting your company’s personality so that you apply to the widest base as possible, make your advertisements and promos more specific to the people you want to attract to your business.

If you do not know who your target audience is, a marketing consultant can help you determine them.

3. You are struggling to measure your digital marketing campaign

Maybe you already know who your target market is and are making attempts to reach them via well-written advertisements and copy.

However, this will still come to nothing if you don’t get the data on these techniques.

Analysing your posts for effectivity is part of a marketing cycle.

It helps you decide what to fine-tune for the next ones.

4. You have little or no social media presence

Most people maintain at least one social media account today.

Communicating with your customers through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a good way of getting instant feedback on your products and services.

For businesses looking to scale, a social media presence is practically a requirement these days.

Your ads, website, and promotions should not be replaced by a social media presence.

However, you can use social media to gauge interest in something you’re promoting, as well as to monitor the buzz about your brand or competitors’ products.

Next Steps?

A digital strategy should be part of any business’s growth plan. Your business will not stay competitive if you don’t consider your customer’s online habits in your sales processes. Hire a digital marketing consultant to help you with your online efforts.

I am a digital marketing consultant in Greater London. I help business owners and marketing professionals make a greater impact on their customers while converting more people into subscribers and clients.

Apply for a complimentary digital marketing discovery session to learn more!

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