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9 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Website Designer

May 6, 2020

When hiring a website designer for your business it is important to keep an eye out for exceptional website designers.

You see…a standard website designer plans and builds web pages.

But an exceptional website designer understands how to use those web pages to get a targeted set of people to take your desired action.

  • What is that desired action?
  • Who are these targeted set of people?
  • What happens if they get to your website and do not make a purchase?
  • How will you know the difference between people that found your website by accident and those who were actively seeking your kind of services and products?
  • Do you know that more than 95% of people that visit a business website are not in a buying mood?
  • What kind of mood are they in?
  • Is there anything you can do to help make them buy?

That is a lot of questions and I have a whole heap more that you need to have the answer to Before you build a website.

80% of Business Websites Fail to Get Any Customers or Make Any Sales

80% of Business Websites Fail to Get Any Customers or Make Any Sales

And….around 80% of websites also look great and that is what most website designers focus on.

When this kind of website designer gets together with a business owner lacking marketing fundamentals…

They create a vanity project.

The website is all about how it looks to the business owner and the website designer.

But the website is not actually for either of them.

The website needs to be built for two types of visitors:

  1. Today Buyers
  2. Someday in the Future Buyers

The website needs to be built to help transform strangers of the business into customers of the business.

Hiring (an Exceptional) Website Designer

So, when hiring a website designer make sure that they are doing the following…

Exceptional website designers will help you understand and define these 9 things BEFORE they begin to build you a website.

An exceptional website designer will help you understand…

  1. Your Primary Ideal Client
  2. Your Primary Target Market
  3. Your Primary Niche
  4. How to Quickly Develop a Profitable Product and/Service Ladder
  5. SEO Strategies You Need to Attract Targeted Website Visitors
  6. Content Marketing Strategies
  7. Effective lead generation strategies
  8. Effective conversion strategies
  9. The Importance of Integrated Marketing and Sales Systems (AKA Marketing and Sales Funnels)

If you don’t have these things in place before you build your website, you will end up with a good-looking, static, brochure website that will be literally invisible to your potential customers.

Your website is the hub of all your marketing and sales efforts and it needs to be built to fit that purpose.

If you need any help hiring a website designer for your next website, apply for a free digital marketing discovery session where we can discuss your website design needs.

Get The Profitable Website Workbook

Your website must help your business generate revenue.

Use this workbook to discover what you need to transform your website into a marketing and sales machine.

This workbook contains 36 questions in this workbook to help you focus on the two core goals for any business website:

  • generating more targeted website visitors
  • converting more of those website visitors into potential customers

Your business website is the central hub of all your marketing campaigns.

Therefore, if your website is not doing a good job of converting website visitors into leads, it is failing at helping your business generate revenue.

This workbook will help you focus on the key elements that will ensure that your website is a finely tuned lead generation machine.

And that way, any money you spend on your marketing (including hiring a website designer) becomes an investment with a clear ROI and not a just a cost.
Profitable Website Workbook

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