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How to Create a High-Converting About Us Page

December 16, 2020

Your Website’s “About Us” Page is Not Just Another Webpage

Your About Us page is by far one of the most important pages on your website.

It’s where visitors go to learn more about your business, what you do and most importantly, how you could (potentially) help them solve their problem or need.

Unfortunately, too many businesses take the “About Us” part a bit too much to heart and end up losing the potential for converting an interested website visitor into a lead, sale or client.

Massive mistake!

“Over half of consumers want to see an “about us” section on a company’s home page”

– Statistic Brain Research Institute

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

Your ‘About Us’ page is a chance for you to encourage your website visitors to trust in your business.

For sure, you can use this page to communicate key facts and do a bit of bragging.

A tiny, minuscule bit…

Ultimately, you need to use this as a relationship builder, creating a meaningful link between your ideal client’s needs and your solution.

Your “About Us” page is also one of the first places, your someday-in-the-future buyers will go, especially if they’ve never been to your website before.

Maybe think of it as a….”About Us and How We Can Help You Better Than Anyone Else” page.

“The best way to show that you can help someone is to…actually help them”

– Frank Kern

4 Ways to Create a High-Converting About Us Page

Here are 4 ways to create a high-converting ‘About Us’ page that will help your targeted website visitors learn more about why you and your business exists and most importantly how you will help them solve their problem or need.

Just like the rest of your effective marketing so that soon, customers don’t only know about you, but you’re the first place they turn when they need your product or service.

1. Include Mission Statement

Create High-Converting About Us Page - Include Mission Statement

Or better yet a business manifesto!

Your business may have a mission statement already and if it doesn’t, you should definitely create one.

A mission statement expresses your company’s ultimate purpose.

“The best manifestos are written with customers in mind. But they’re more than just a promise to your customers or a description of what you do for them. Great manifestos think big. They document the change you want to bring to the world.”

How to write a meaningful manifesto for your business

A website visitor that visits your ‘About Us’ page already have a basic idea of what the company does.

This is why your “About Us” page shouldn’t just tell customers what you do or the “amazing clients” you work with but rather why this is important to you – and also why it is important for them.

“…your website serves as a window into your company, thus it needs to exude trust and credibility…Most often this trust is emphasized on the ‘about us’ page of the company’s website…”

9 Stats That Prove the Importance of Website Design

If you’re not sure what your mission statement should be I suggest using this Business Vision Workbook.

This workbook will help you create an ultimate vision of where you want your business to be, what you will give it and what you will get from it.

2. Show Your Face

Create High-Converting About Us Page - Show Your Face

This is extremely important if you are the “face” of your business but equally important if you work within or manage a team.

Imagine meeting a potential client and they feel like they already know you and trust you.

This is totally possible when you use your About Page to be a digital version of how you would treat and great a potential customer if you met them in person.

Be sure to include photos of staff members, photos of events that your company has either hosted or attended or even of clients that you have helped.

It’s super important to talk about your customer and their needs however keep in mind that this is your ‘About Us’ page so this is a good opportunity to help your potential customers get to know you (and your team, if you have one).

Hint: Video puts this strategy on steroids!

3. Focus More On The External Reality of Your Business and Less on The Internal Vision of Your Business

Create High-Converting About Us Page - Focus More On The External Reality

“The key to consistently generating leads, sales and clients for your business is being able to understand things from your potential client’s point of view.”

Kase Dean, The Sales While You Sleep Consultant

Go take a look at your website.

You probably don’t have to because you have seen it and may even know the homepage layout by heart.

However, your website visitors don’t have the same vision of your website.

In fact, your website is probably their first experience of your brand or your business.

When a website visitor lands on your homepage, they need to understand (within a few seconds) exactly what you do AND who you do it for.

The same goes for your “About Us” Page.

Make sure that you lead by explaining to your website visitors that you understand where they are now and where they would like to be.

Show empathy in your word and in your website design (how the elements are laid out).

Every page of your website should help your targeted website visitors move further away from:

“The problem they have that they don’t want”

and closer to the…

“The result or transformation they want that they do not have”.

Having an idea of your ideal client, target market and niche will definitely help you do this with a lot more ease.

But overall, when creating your “About Us” page, you need to keep your focus on the external reality of your potential clients and less on the internal vision of your business.

4. Include Call-to-Actions

Create High-Converting About Us Page - Include Call-to-Actions

About 90% of all business website pages do not include a call to action.

This a massive problem because it means that most business website pages do nothing to help transform website visitors into leads, sales and clients.

Actually, some business website pages have call-to-actions (CTAs) however they are all commercial intent CTAs:

“Call Us Today”

“Buy Now”

“View Our Products”

This is only attractive to a minuscule number of website visitors.

The vast majority of people that visit your website are seeking information that helps them make an informed decision about an imminent or future purchase.

Therefore, as much as it is important to have commercial intent (Primary) CTAs.

It is even more important to include a no-risk secondary call-to-action.

This should provide informational and educational content that solves a particular problem BEFORE your prospective customer has spent a penny or dime on your services.

This is at the heart of Lead Generation and your “About Us” page is no different.

So, be sure to include a call-to-action form on your “About Us” page that offers valuable information and/or education in exchange for your website visitor’s contact details (no more than first name and email!)

That way you can keep in contact with them AFTER they have left your website.

This approach will make a world of difference when it comes to using your website to turn targeted website visitors into leads, sales and customers.

What Happens Now?

I hope you now see the power and potential of your seemingly simple “About Us” page.

If you need any help, let me know and I will be happy to show you more about how Digital Marketing strategies like these to take your business to the next level!

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