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How to Grow Your Business With a Signature Solution

December 20, 2020

A great way to grow your business is to offer a signature solution.

This is a solution you’ve used in the past to get results.

You can package it into a step-by-step program that you then teach other people.

Those people can be clients, employees or partners.

A signature solution is a valuable asset that can lead to multiple streams of income.

Why Build a Signature Solution?

There are several reasons businesses choose to create a signature solution.

However one the main reason is a signature solution not only showcases your expertise, it also helps grow your brand is a very consistent way.

As your customers use your program to achieve the same results you did, this builds your reputation as an expert.

Even those who don’t take the course will see you this way and you’ll become a big name in your niche.

Your solution will become synonymous with your brand and this, in turn, will help you grow your brand.

You’ll have this one specific tool that’s wildly successful, and this will not only help you grow your brand among your audience but also help you reach new audiences who can benefit from your expertise.

Once you have your first solution in place, you can expand into other areas.

You can create other solutions to meet the needs of your market or offer other products and content that’s related.

Grow Your Brand with an Exceptional Signature Solution

In order to help you grow your brand, your signature solution has to be exceptional.

It needs to provide unique value to your audience and achieve the expected results. You should spend time building a solution that’s guaranteed to get its users results.

You’ll also learn how to improve it through user feedback.

Signature solutions tend to be consistent with your current service offering or products.

However, a signature solution can also help you create a completely new brand, or start a completely new business.

For example, if you’re a health and wellness expert but you want to publish a program on building blogs, you can rebrand yourself as an expert on online publishing, or start a new business dedicated to that new topic.

5 Steps For Building a Signature Solution That Will Help You Grow Your Brand

  1. Identify Your Signature Solution. Start by identifying something you know how to do well. Analyse how you did it step-by-step. Map out these steps and plan how you’ll teach each one to your audience.
  2. Find Your Market. Someone can benefit from your program. It’s just a matter of discovering who. It may be your current audience or a segment of your audience. On the other hand, it could be a totally new audience. The people who can benefit the most from your solution are those who are suffering from the problem it solves.
  3. Create Your Program’s Materials. Decide on the right format for your audience. In addition to the main program, which might be an eBook or a video course, decide what other materials you’ll need. Give your students work to do as they go through the program.
  4. Choose Marketing Tactics. Choose marketing tactics that allow you to reach your audience and tell them about your program. Be sure to emphasize its unique benefits. Decide what role the program will play in your sales funnel.
  5. Implement and Follow Up. Once you release your program, keep in contact with its participants. Follow up with them to make sure they received the expected results and get feedback so you can make improvements.

Your signature solution is your unique solution to your customers’ biggest needs, laid out in a clear, easy-to-understand formula.

Your branded signature solution is something you become known for.

It’s much more than your brand.

It forms the core of your business and, when people hear the name of your solution, they think of you.

Your branded signature solution is something you become known for.

It’s a lot more than your brand.

It will form the core of your business and, when people hear the name of your solution, they will think of you and your business.

The Start: Your Entry Offer AKA Lead Magnet

First, you need something to bring people into your sales funnel.

It is totally possible that people will stumble upon your signature solution while seeking a solution to a problem or need online.

The proactive way to attract people to your business by offering free content first to build your audience.

You can then pitch your signature solution to them once they know and trust you for valuable information.

The best way to do this is to offer a lead magnet.

This is a free information product that people can download.

The lead magnet offers helpful tips and establishes your expertise. It also mentions your program and the benefits it offers.

You can also offer an email list.

This works well in combination with a lead magnet, which is an enticement for people to sign up for your list.

Through the tips you offer in your emails, you further build a relationship with your audience, and you can then pitch your program.

Keep in mind that your entry point content can be anything you put online that can draw traffic, including blog posts, YouTube videos, and interactions on social media.

Just make sure this content is relevant to your program.

The Middle: Your Signature Solution

Your solution is the centrepiece of your sales funnel.

This solution, which you’ve discovered and used successfully yourself, enables your audience to see the greatest benefits in their business or life.

You can put other offers at other price points here in your sales funnel, as well as different content types and formats.

If done effectively, you can learn quite a bit about your audience’s preferences by seeing which offers they take.

The End: Your High Ticket Offers

Your signature solution can be used to lead your customers to a higher-priced item at the end of your sales funnel.

After receiving the help they need, your customers are ready to see what else you have to offer.

You may also be offering a higher level, deep-dive version of your signature solution that includes personal interaction with you, which some customers will wish to pay more for.

Many service-based businesses use a solution like this to sell their services and products.

Through experiencing your signature solution, your potential customer comes to see you as a reliable expert.

The key to creating an effective and profitable signature solution is to find an area where you’ve achieved success and results, and analyse how you did it.

Then break this process down into steps that you could easily teach to someone else.

The Signature Solution 1-Page Overview

Discover the 5 steps for transforming your knowledge and skills into a successful business by showing them how to create a branded signature system.

Signature Solution 1-Page Overview

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