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Marketing Strategy

How To Market Your Coaching Business Successfully

October 26, 2018

How To Market Your Coaching Business Successfully

For your clients, you want the decision to choose your coaching business to be a no-brainer. In fact, you need to make it clear to your clients that there is no other choice and you’re the coach to go for.

To do this, you need to market your coaching business effectively.

The goal of coaching business marketing is to present yourself as the ideal choice.

So, how can you market your coaching business successfully?

Your marketing needs to fulfil two requirements;

1. Make your coaching business easy to find

2. Show your prospects about what you offer.

So just what it is that your business needs to do to get ahead of the game with marketing?

Top Tips To Market Your Coaching Business

1. More Leads, More Problems

Your sole concern as a business is to get more clients. The problem is many coaches make the mistake of getting more leads, not more clients.

However, more and more leads do not mean you’ll get the results you want to see.

In fact, by taking a more strategic approach to marketing, you then have a better system in place to convert leads into clients.

2. Change Your Focus

By taking the time to hone your strategy, you can develop an effective way to have clients on tap. All you need is a focused plan that converts prospects into paying customers.

Once you have that, you don’t need to spend all your time and energy in driving up the leads.

3. Adjust Your Approach

Quick fixes are exactly what they say they are; they are here for the short-term.

They serve their purpose but wouldn’t it be better to spend a little bit more time to focus your marketing campaign, making it as good as it can possibly be and use it for the long-term?

For example, a Facebook ads campaign can be an effective way to generate leads, but a slap-dash approach of cramming in keywords may mean that your leads are not the type of clients your business is looking for.

Instead, spending a little bit more time and expending a fraction more effort could help you to hone the perfect message which really speaks to your leads and makes conversions into customers easier.

4. Tap Into Your Marketing Potential

When it comes to effective marketing for your coaching business, it does not necessarily mean spending more money. Instead, it is about wisely investing your money into proven strategies that will work for your business.

So often, coaches don’t know how to market their coaching business. That’s OK; you’re a coach, not a marketer. What you shouldn’t do is hear about the latest new way to promote your coaching business and throw money at it.

Instead, build your knowledge of marketing, speak to the experts and uncover the best ways to tap into your marketing potential, rather than following the latest short-lived trend.

5. Work Out Your USP

What is the real reason the majority of clients come to you for?

Is this reason evident across all of your marketing?

My guess is that you have tried marketing across a range of platforms, putting in some effort into all but without a focus or cohesive approach. You may be jumping on the ‘personal brand’ bandwagon on Instagram but perhaps maintain a corporate front for your website.

Cohesion is essential for your marketing. You are marketing a brand not just a business.

So, if you want to make sure your prospects are not confused by your marketing approach,
you should focus on your USP. Why will people buy from you?

Provide the information that clients need to see that they will receive value for money when they choose to work from you.

This doesn’t mean dropping your prices or even raising your offering; it simply means showing what you’re worth and giving customers value for money.

6. Get Back To Basics

If you want to market your coaching business well; forget the marketing gimmicks. Instead start by perfecting the proven, tried-and-tested fundamentals to marketing.

Instead of splitting your time and doing a half-hearted job across all aspects, focus your effort, attention and budget (at least to begin with) on the marketing fundamentals.

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