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Marketing Strategy

Using Moral Obligation to Grow Your Business

March 6, 2020

Using moral obligation to grow your business “a duty which one owes, and which [they] ought to perform, but which [they are] not legally bound to fulfil…”

A few years ago, this became a guiding factor of my personal and business life after a conversation with my coach Michael Killen.

I was feeling down, confused and disheartened by the lack of progress in my business.

I felt like I was doing” all this stuff” and not “seeing” any results.

Mike explained the concept of using Moral Obligation as a source of motivation, inspiration and direction.

I spoke about this concept to a potential client yesterday.

She is an independent recruitment consultant who was far too embarrassed about the state of her website and LinkedIn profile.

“They’re nothing like yours” she said.

“Yours are amazing” she continued.

I refocused the discussion on the importance of:

first knowing herself and what she truly wants
then understand the kind of business she needs to support her life
and finally, the kind of clients she wants to serve and work with

We focused on point 3 for quite a while as I got her talking about why she wanted to work with those people.

She spoke about the struggles they have and how the HR/Recruitment industry is so outdated and too focused on sales and quotas.

Not focused enough on the human condition or human exchanges.

The amazing things that are possible when the right collection of human beings collaborate.

She spoke about how she could never work for the massive recruitment agencies because of the lack of focus on building relationships and getting to know people on a deeper level.

She spoke about this like all of it personally affected her.

She spoke like she had a natural and moral obligation to change the whole industry.

However, when I highlighted this part…she shrunk back and was overcome with worry about what people think…would think about her website or videos…her LinkedIn profile

So I told her about what Coach Mike taught me about Moral Obligation and I saw a look of deep consideration on her face.

She was slowly getting it.

The website, LinkedIn profile and “should I do PPC ads” are not as important as working out how she can fulfil her “moral obligation” to do all she can each working day to help the people she has chosen to work with.

Towards the end of the conversation I left her with the 2 marketing responsibilities that should guide her efforts:

1. Getting her message in front of those people who are already seeking her ‘kind’ of services
2. Help those people who want and need her services to help find her and her business

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