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Marketing Tactics

8 Essential Marketing Tools For Growing Your Business

December 21, 2020

In this post, I will discuss 8 marketing tools that I recommend you use to help you grow your business.

One of the greatest signs of your business growth is the need to scale how you operate and deliver your services and products.

With more tasks, more sales, and more customers, you need all the help you can get.

Here are some of the best tools out there to help you grow your business.

Google Analytics

How do you know if your business is growing without tracking metrics? Google Analytics offers more metrics than any business can use. You can create customized reports that tell you exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

Google Analytics is free, but there are also premium programs you can use if you want more options. A great option is Semrush.

Email Autoresponder

You can use your email autoresponder to do more than just manage your list and send emails.

This is a great way to grow your business.

Some things you can do include:

l Segmenting your subscribers and send different offers to different groups

l Asking a question or running a survey to get feedback from your list

l Integrating with social media so that you’re sending your email subscribers there and your social media followers to your list.

I use Activecampaign for my business and my clients’ businesses.

Content Management System

As your business grows, you’ll have a great deal of content to create – blog posts, landing pages, websites, social media content, and more.

A content management system, or CMS, helps you manage all of it.

These programs also offer additional tools to help with content marketing. Popular no cost and low-cost options include WordPress, Squarespace, Duda.

Accounting Software

You may want to invest in accounting software to help you balance the books. This is a skill, not every business owner has and it gets more complex as your business grows.

An accounting software program can help so that you don’t need to hire a full-time accountant.

Good accounting programs include FreshBooks, Zoho, and QuickBooks.

That said, if you want to grow your business on a solid foundation, I highly recommend hiring an Accountant.

Customer Service Automation Tools

With more customers, you’ll spend more time on customer service. If you can automate some of the routine tasks, this can help to free you up for more important things.

Examples of these tools include a chatbot on your website or an interactive FAQ. AgileCRM, LiveAgent, HubSpot, and NetSuite are good CRM programs.

SEO Tools

These are marketing tools that help you manage your search engine optimization. They offer features such as insights, keywords, analytics, content management, research, and more, all in one package. Some good SEO tools include MOZ, SEMrush, and Ahrefs.

Project Management Software

If you have a team working with you, project management software can help keep you on track.

This is a program that integrates all of your systems, facilitates communication among team members, helps to set and reach goals, and manages busy schedules.

Project management software programs include Wrike, Asana, Airtable, and Zoho Projects.

I am a qualified Digital Marketing Project Manager and I have used all manner of project management software but I recommend my clients keep it simple.

My recommendation is Trello. It’s free and super easy to use.

Social Media Management

For most business, social media is an important part of growing and engaging the market. However, it’s tough to handle multiple social media profiles at once.

Social media management programs allow you to put everything on one dashboard and offer additional tools for research, automation, keyword optimization, and analytics. Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer are three of the most popular options.

The post you are reading now was created using one of my very favourite tools: storychief.io.

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