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9 Steps for Getting More Coaching Clients

February 29, 2020

I should have entitled this post: The 9 Step Strategy For Getting More Coaching Clients Than You Can Handle.

Because that is my goal for you.

I want you to be able to attract more potential coaching clients than you ever thought possible.

I want you to be able to help more people, build a business that works for you and live the life that you have always wanted and deserved.

However, before we get into exactly how you can do that, let’s start at the beginning…

What You Currently Understand About Marketing Your Business Is Seriously Flawed

A great deal of what you have learned about using online marketing to generate leads and increase sales for your business is seriously flawed.

This is not your fault.

It’s a result of the money-first tactics that have saturated digital marketing.

In this post, I will teach you, in-depth, a value-first system for marketing and selling your services and products online your business in a way that makes your business the no-brainer choice for your ideal clients.

This value-first system marketing and sales system will also help you grow AND scale your business in a way that gives you more financial freedom and time freedom.

More Leads, More Clients and More Revenue

The main preoccupation of the majority of business owners is how to get clients and make more revenue.

Really savvy business owners are also obsessing about their ability (or lack thereof) to generate consistent leads for their business.

Before I finally understood what effective marketing is and how to use it, I was always feeling lost and completely overwhelmed by all the marketing options  available.

In this book, I will help you avoid any frustration or overwhelm you are currently experiencing when it comes to marketing and selling your services and products.

The Five Critical Business Growth Areas

There are five business growth areas: Leads, Prospects, Sales, Pricing and Profits.

However, without leads (which rhymes with seeds) your business cannot grow.

These 5 business growth areas work together like dominoes and once you get the first one right, all the rest will follow.

Let me show you why Lead Generation is your first and most important growth area.

But first, let’s get clear about what a lead is.

A lead is a person that is showing an active interest in what you are selling.

Let me ask you a question…

How are you are currently generating leads?

Word of mouth and Referrals

Most businesses generate leads via “word of mouth” and “referrals”.

Both of these are great sources of leads.

However, relying on “word of mouth” and “referrals” is an extremely passive, unreliable and unpredictable source of potential new business because you can control when you receive them.

More likely than not that you have a business website.

How many sales can you directly attribute to your website?

I mean, you know your website should be helping you make money.

It isn’t there to sit pretty as a static portfolio for your business.

How many sales can you confidently attribute to your website?

The Real Reason Why Your Business Website Struggles to Generate Leads or Sales

The real reason why your business website struggles to generate leads is a lack of strategy.

Here’s the most successful and effective marketing strategy ever:

Show people why they should pay you to help them by helping them.

I am paraphrasing here but Frank Kern said:

“The best way to prove to your potential clients that you can help them, is to…help them”.

The central hub of the modern marketing campaign is still your business website.

Your business website is the perfect candidate for being your 24/7 365 marketing and sales representative.

Unfortunately, decades of web design techniques have failed to catch up with the way that we all use the internet nowadays and this leads to 80% or more business websites failing to help generate any leads of sales for the business.

The two things struggling business websites do is:

  • Talk about how great the business is
  • Focus on getting the sale

It’s like walking into a shop and being greeted by a sales rep holding one of the company’s products:

“Hey there! Welcome to our awesome business.  You wanna buy this?”

The Fundamentals Of Effective Marketing

The key to consistently generating leads for your business is being able to understand things from your potential clients point of view.

It super important to address the two major concerns on your potential client’s mind.

So how do you do that?

It’s actually quite simple when you know and understand the fundamentals of effective marketing.

The two major concerns on your potential client’s mind are:

  • The problem they have and they don’t want
  • The result they want but don’t yet have

All effective marketing – whether that’s an elevator pitch, USP, business card, radio ad – consists of 4 building blocks, that when combined, results in a marketing message expertly shows your potential clients why you are the best choice for their needs.

Effective marketing encourages your prospect to connect with you before they leave your presence – be that in-person or online.

No different from meeting a stranger, getting to know them a little bit and then instinctively exchanging details to keep in touch.

These 4 effective marketing building blocks make up the ACEON Framework

The ACEON Framework


This is your headline or introduction either textual or verbal.  It must highlight the PROBLEM your prospect has, that they do not want.  This is Point A.


This is the second thing your prospect sees or hears.  It is your sub-headline or supporting text. It must highlight the RESULT that your prospect wants but doesn’t yet have.  This is Point B.


This is the information you provide… either verbally or in writing… that provides initial evidence to your prospects that you and your product or service will help them get from Point A (The Problem) to Point B (The Result).

Done correctly, this information will cement you in their minds as the best solution and your product or service are preferable to your competition in every single way.


You MUST create a compelling offer that encourages your prospect to continue their education.  This offer is exchanged for their permission to keep in contact with them after they leave your presence.


Many of the prospects that accept your offer are what we call “Someday-in-the-future” buyers. These prospects are in “information gathering” mode.

They’re gathering all the information they need to make the best decision for their needs.

You need to continue educating and informing these prospects.  You need to nurture the relationship with them and consistently help them work out that you are the best solution for their needs.

ACEON Case Study: The Child Psychologist

Let me show you a website that we audited and optimised so you can see what see the big difference using the ACEON Framework makes to how your website generates leads and sales.

It is not a coaching website because I want to show you how any business website can be improved using this framework.

This is a child psychologist’s website:

Child Psychologist Website


This website is pretty typical for this profession, and 99% of his colleagues’ websites have a very similar layout.

This website is owned by a child psychologist who works with adults as well as children, teenagers and their families on a broad range of difficulties.

In fact on the website, there is a list of 9 specialisations.

Before I get anywhere close to helping a business owner revise and optimise their website,  I help the business owner identify and map out at least one signature solution which will become their market-dominating position.

This will be their unique selling proposition based on the unique way they transform their client’s lives.

This child psychologist could actually create 9 of them but we will start with one.

A Problem, a Solution and a Lead Generation System

For example, let’s say they decide to start by focusing on the first condition on his list: children with “Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties”.

These are kids that yell, scream and constantly have a highly combative attitude toward their parents.

They scream at them and are known in some cases they may threaten the parents.

These children can’t be reasoned with… and their parents have NO clue how to deal with them.

Now, imagine you’re one of these parents.

Maybe you don’t want to ask friends or family for help but you do want to improve things for yourself and your child.

So, you do what we are all used to doing now, you head to Google and search for an important solution to a very important problem.

Keep that in mind as I continue:

“…they are actively looking for an important solution to a very important problem…”

So, here’s the key improvement this child psychologist should implement to improve their chances of being chosen as the “no-doubt-solution”.

They need to create a Lead Generation System for each of their services – or specialisations.

These systems are built to focus on one problem, as opposed to the 40 plus possible actions you can see on the homepage.

A basic lead generation systems consists of three pages:

  1. A Squeeze Page
  2. A Thank You Page
  3. A Download Page

[Content Upgrade to see/or buy funnel]

The Child Psychologist’s Opt-In Page

So, what should this page look like… and what should it say?

Well, this is where the ACEON Framework comes into play.

The very first thing we must do is highlight the PROBLEM your potential client has that they do not want.

This is the Attract part of the framework: The Headline.

Here is a mockup of the child psychologist’s squeeze page for the “Emotionally Disturbed Children” specialisation:

Child Psychologist Squeeze Page

The Headline

Check out the Headline:

“Are You Sick of The Screaming And Disrespectful Attitude Of Your Child?”

Would you say that this headline highlights the problem these parents have that they don’t want?

The Sub-Headline

Now for the Convince component which is the sub-headline. It MUST address the result they want but they don’t have.

Notice it says…

“Learn the techniques you need to improve and maintain the good behaviour of your child in less than 60 seconds”.

Educational Content

Now let’s look at the third effective marketing component…Educate.

Now, the child psychologist’s website has a homepage like a packed shop window with everything on display.

It actually says:

“Welcome to my website where you will find lots of information and educational articles”

There no clear direction for a parent or child in need of urgent assistance.

Think how difficult it can be for one these parents with a child that has a combative and upsetting attitude.

Would you be looking to navigate through the pages of content looking for a solution?

Or, would you be desperately searching for an important solution to a very important problem?

Do you see why most business websites these are basically a total and complete waste of money?

They fail miserably at addressing the problems that your prospects are actively seeking to solve.

Short VSL (Video Sales Letter)

Check this out, here’s a video script created for this child psychologist’s Squeeze Page:

“As a parent, are you struggling to gain control of your child’s attitude and emotions? Is your child yelling and screaming at you, while often displaying a combative and sometimes threatening tone and no matter what you try or do… you just can’t seem to get your child under control?

My name is Dr. Lynne Tierney, and I help parents like you every day to learn the techniques that will solve your child’s frustrating and destructive behavioural patterns once and for all.

In fact, let me prove it to you.

Enter your first name and email in the box to the right, and I’ll send you a series of 60 second techniques that will immediately restore peace and quiet in your home.”

Do you see how the focus so far has been squarely on the problem, result and education?

The Opt-In Offer (Generating The Lead)

This has taken care of the first three components of the ACEON Framework:

  • Attract – The Headline
  • Convince – The Sub-headline
  • Educate – The Video and bullet point benefits

And that brings us to the next component…the Offer.

Like I said earlier, most business websites focus on getting the “sale”.

The website only includes offers like Buy Now, Call Us Today, Get a Free Consultation…

Look at the child psychologist’s website.  The offer is a free consultation.

The only prospects attracted to this kind of offers are “Today Buyers” and they make up less than 3% of this website’s targeted website visitors.

The vast majority of of your website visitors have never come across your business or your business website before.

Today Buyers and Someday-In-The-Future Buyers

The vast majority of your website visitors are “Someday-in-The-Future Buyers” and the key to generating more leads and sales, the secret to effective marketing is to make sure that you are engaging both sets of targeted website visitors:

Today Buyers and Someday-in-The-Future Buyers.

Today Buyers are looking to get started, make a purchase…

Someday-in-The-Future Buyers are seeking decision making information that helps them come to the best decision for their needs.

Have a look at the last sentence of the child psychologist’s video script…

“enter your first name and email in the box to the right, and I’ll send you a series of 60 second techniques that will immediately restore peace and quiet in your home.”

That offer is ZERO risk, informational offer that helps the prospect what they truly want… a solution to their problem.

They can receive it by simply providing their name and email address… WITHOUT having to speak to anyone… or be subjected to any type of sales pitch.

That’s why the offer on this doctor’s squeeze page says…

“Learn The Secrets To Gaining And Maintaining Complete Control Of Your Child In Less Than 60 Seconds.”

Is that a highly compelling offer that would appeal to a majority of the prospects directed to this page?

This informational offer provides them with proof that this person can actually get them the results they’re looking for.

But the real magic happens when they consume that information.

Within that information will be a predefined offer for them to get even better results by scheduling a consultation with the doctor, which they are now more likely to do.

Conversion Rate: Website Homepage

Consider these numbers for the child psychologist’s current website without any conversion optimised squeeze pages.

300 Leads

Let’s imagine for a moment that this child psychologist is able to generate 300 leads per month using paid advertising tactics such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Now, many Ad campaigns are setup incorrectly, so we can be sure that the leads are being sent to the website homepage or one the websites standard pages.

30 Qualified Leads

So, if those leads are then sent to current website, around 10% of those leads…will be interested in the offer of a free consultation and make contact with the business to find out more about it.

Note that I said “make contact with the business to find out more about it”, NOT request it.

3 Prospects

Out those 10% that contact the business to enquire about the free consultation… only 10% of them will actually consent to the consultation… equalling 3 prospects.

Fortunately for most professionals like this child psychologist, they typically convert 100% of the prospects they get in front of… so those 3 prospects will more than likely become patients.

3 Clients

Note that out of 300 leads, the doctor winds up with 3 new clients.

That is a good average for most businesses marketing their businesses online – 1% of all leads generated will typically convert into a new client.

That’s pretty dismal!

Conversion Rate: Squeeze Page

Let’s take a look at the doctor’s new squeeze page.

300 Leads

First of all, let’s leave the number of leads at 300 per month.

That squeeze page won’t impact that number whatsoever.

But let me ask you this, and give me your open and honest opinion.

Do you think this new page will increase the number of prospects that will request this doctor’s secrets to gaining and maintaining complete control of their child?

Remember, the current site is getting 10%.

What percent do you think would request this new, more compelling offer?

I usually get answers somewhere between 50% to 70%.

Which is pretty spot on, but let’s stay super

Well, you’re probably right, but let’s be humble and say that just 20% request the new offer.

60 Qualified Leads

That would mean 60 qualified leads would opt-in to receive those free techniques and actually experience for themselves that this child psychologist’s methods really work.

And once they experience that much sought after transformation, what percentage of those 60 prospects do you think would request the free consultation?

The original figure for qualified leads requesting a free consultation was just 10%.

Again, considering the improvement in these parent’s household after learning and using the techniques that the child psychologist offered for free.

Most people think somewhere between 50% to 70%.

And, I would agree with them, but again let’s be super humble with our expectations and leave the conversion rate at 10%.

6 Prospects

This means that out of the 60 qualified leads that requested the the child psychologist’s free techniques, 6 of them now request the consultation.

And, assuming like we did originally that the doctor converts all 6 of them into clients.

6 New Clients

That’s an additional 6 patients per month, isn’t it?

Now let’s say this doctor only charges £600 for their services, even though in reality the fees can be closer to 3 times that amount.

£600 times 6 new patients is an additional £3600 per month…which is an annual increase of £43,200.

That is obviously a dramatic increase in revenue considering we are being ridiculously humble with our figures…and this was achieved without a massive website redesign.

All we did was optimise the child psychologist’s website for conversions.

This approach means that the child psychologist’s website is a lot better at generating leads and sales.

The 54 “Someday-In-The-Future” Patients

What about the the 54 prospects that didn’t become patients?

Maybe these people were not convinced that they needed the child psychologist’s help.

How’s Your Website Performing?

Do you think that we could get similar results for your business?

How many leads have you generated in the last 12 months?

Or, how many leads do you estimate you’ve generated this month?

How many of those leads have resulted in sales?

If we could create a similar process for your business… and offer compelling information to your prospects just like we did for the child psychologist… do you think more prospects would respond?

By what percentage?

I reckon it would be anything between a 40% to 80% increase but again let’s stay humble.

What would a 20% increase mean for your business and your life?


How to Build a Squeeze Funnel For Your Business

A squeeze funnel is used to connect with more people who are actively


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