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Marketing Tactics

Two Low-Cost Marketing Tactics For Your Small Business

July 8, 2020

All small business owners and entrepreneurs keep a close eye on their budget (if they have any at all).

Especially in these current times filled with so much uncertainty.

So, I thought you might be interested in learning about Two Low-Cost Marketing Tactics For Your Small Business that I think are ideal for driving business growth:

Low-Cost Marketing Tactics Number 1: Email Marketing

Send regular emails to your audience (existing and potential clients).

If you do this correctly, you could accidentally miss a few days, and have subscribers emailing YOU to find out if something happened and they accidentally unsubscribed!

Email Marketing is a great low-cost marketing tactic because it’s:

  • Inexpensive. (You only pay a monthly fee for a platform. I use ActiveCampaign.)
  • A direct communication line to your audience. (No relying on the little-understood algorithms of social media platforms or search engines.)
  • Expected. (If you email consistently, people recognise your value and look forward to seeing you in their inbox.)

In fact, if Facebook packed up or my whole website went down and my business disappeared tomorrow (*Kase knocking on wood*), I’d be able to start up again immediately because I will be able to reach my client base and audience via email.

What Is The Key To Email Marketing Success?

Only send content that your audience wants and values, and super important, write the way you would talk to a real person.

In my case, my subscribers mainly want easy to implement tactics that help grow their business…

Now for my second favourite low-cost marketing tactic…

Low-Cost Marketing Tactics Number 2: Affiliates

This is one of the main ways you can attract people who are ready to buy immediately.

For example, set up an affiliate program that gives people 50% commissions on every sale they refer to you (plus follow-up sales),

…so it’s a huge incentive for anyone who has the same audience as you.

They can earn thousands of pounds with just a few emails!

That might sound like a lot of money to be paying someone else, but remember you are short on cash – unable to pay a premium for profitable marketing…

These are most likely sales that you wouldn’t have made without some kind of assistance.

And it only costs you a little time to manage the program and payout commissions.

The Key To A Successful Affiliate Program?

Actively pursue connections with people who have an audience that could benefit from your services and products.

Demonstrate the quality of what you offer.

And, if it makes sense, turn this into a Joint Venture Partnership by offering to promote their offers to your audience.

Win, Win, Win!

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