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The 5-Step Process For Selling (Almost) Anything Online

The key to consistently generating leads, sales and customers with digital marketing is being able to understand things from your potential clients point of view.

This short guide will help you understand and address the two major concerns on your potential customers' minds when they are looking to purchase a solution for an urgent solution.

All Business Websites Have Two Core Goals

Firstly, you business website must...

Attract targeted website visitors who are actively seeking your services and products

And, secondly it should...

Convert more of those website visitors into potential customers who are happy to repeatedly by those services and products from you

Your Website Visitors Are Not Becoming Customers

For many business owners, it doesn't take long after a website is launched to realise that it isn't really doing anything to help your business sell their services and products.

If you are one of the lucky few that has a website that generates a lot of traffic, the problem is your website visitors are not becoming customers. 

A Website Redesign Will Not Fix Your Lack of Sales

Even though it is the last thing you want to do, it it easy to think that you need to redesign your website.

Just make it more attractive to your audience and you will have cracked the code for making money with your business website.

However, what is missing is a way to help your website visitors choose your business as the obvious choice.

You need an automated sales system that helps you market and sell to your website visitors while you spend more time taking care of other important aspects of your life and your business.

With an Automated Marketing and Sales Funnel In Your Business You Will Be Able to...

  • Convert website visitors into high-paying customers - on automation
  • Generate sales and revenue while focusing on other aspects of your life and business
  • Position your business as a thought leader and industry leader through educational content
  • Attract more potential customers with a library of lucrative content
  • Start confidently generating sales from paid online ads
  • Leave the office early knowing that your website visitors are being systematically converted into leads, potential customers and sales
  • Sleep soundly at night confident that you’ll wake up to new sales

Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

I'm Kase Dean

Do you have website visitors, email subscribers and leads but you struggle to find the time to consistently convert them into sales and customers?

I am a sales funnel consultant who helps businesses like yours, with a database of prospects convert them into sales and repeat customers while you focus on other important aspects of your business and your life.

Work With Kase

Kase Dean -Sales Funnel Consultant

Consulting and Done-For-You Services

Kase Dean Digital Marketing Consultant

Marketing Strategy Consulting

My 4-step consulting program will guide you understand exactly how to use sales funnels to generate more leads, customers and revenue.

Kase Dean Done-For-You Services

Marketing Done-For-You 

I provide a range of managed for you marketing services like funnel building, SEO, Content Creation, email marketing and marketing automation.

Some of My Amazing Clients...

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Esharna Rama Google Review
Laëtitia Kafunda Google Review
Karen Cruise Google Review
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Michael MacGinty Review Feedback
Michelle Jones - Initial Discovery Feedback

Laëtitia Kafunda

CEO, Madame Rêve Agency

"The amazing thing about Kase Dean is that he will not only re-educate you on what YOU think you know about business, sales, and marketing but he will also accompany you step by step in the implementation of a Sales & Marketing strategy that is specially tailored for you."

Karen Cruise

CEO, Flourished Minds

"I’ve just watched my website audit and review and I’m over the moon with the suggestions you’ve made. They are on point and I can really see how they will help my business grow and increase customer engagement"

Joel Lund

President, Prepare For Rain

"Kase Dean is an exceptional professional who takes a real interest in helping people not only reach their goals, he helps them do it in alignment to their values. That’s rare in the wild world of marketing."

Michelle Jones

CEO, Your Significance Coaching

"Kase Dean took time to get to know me, my business, my values and from that proceeded to show me the possibilities. Prior to that call I was weary, tired and confused. After the call I was energised optimistic and excited about my business again. It wasn't just hype, Kase genuinely wants his clients to win."

Michael MacGinty

Sales Director, Meanit Web Design Agency

"Thank you so much for taking the time to do that website review. Your delivery on the video was excellent and your use of the various tools in support of the various audit report points was excellent. The whole thing was very well paced and you continually joined all the dots."

Cezanne Taharqa

Author and Poet

"Kase’s brilliant mind and sheer genius blew me away; he came up with many strategies designed specifically for me. Kase Dean is more than a Marketing Specialist, he also knows how to tap into his intuition to offer creative solutions to your business needs."