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Website Care Plans

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Launching a website never means you are done with it. 

Your website needs to be maintained with updates, backups, and security measures. 

In addition to this, once your website is live for all to see, you'll problem want to make minor adjustments - or sometimes major additions.

Kase Dean offers a selection of website care plans that address the common website maintenance and management needs.

What's Included in

Website Care Plans?

1. Maintenance Tasks

These are the minor small 30-minute jobs like installing and configuring plugins, and minor theme / CSS modifications.

2. Security

As you know, security risks that come with having a website. 

Being proactive about preventing them is a key part of our maintenance plans. 

We offer regular security scans, a web application firewall, and brute force protection among other things to help keep your website secure. 

3. WordPress Core, Plugin and Theme Updates

Keeping the code on the site updated is an important job that business owners often neglect. 

Plugin updates can give you headaches or worse — breaking your site and forcing you to spend valuable time fixing it. 

4. Off-site Backups

If the unthinkable happens and you need a website restored quickly, we’ll take care of that for you — fast.

Your website will always available, no matter what because:

  • We provide independent, remote storage so that your backups are always available when you need them most. Even if your server goes down.
  • We provide incremental backups so it won’t load down your server and slow down your site like other providers do.
  • Our full-service backups offer you a simple way to migrate your site without the stress or failure worry.
  • We provide access to 90 days of backup history in case you need to restore a previous version of your site.
  • We can recover your website with just a few clicks. In fact, if something happens, we’ll get your site back up before anyone even notices.

4. Unlimited Content Edits

Our Unlimited Content Edits Plan covers anything that takes 30 minutes or less to resolve and that can generally be handled within the admin panel of your WordPress site.

For example: Adding or editing content like blog posts, WooCommerce products, pages, etc., editing menus and widgets, installing and activating plugins, and much more.

Have more complex issues? No problem! We’re happy to troubleshoot more complicated issues and then discuss what kind of resolutions we can offer to best fit your needs.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of the most common things our 24/7 team does.

Content Edits:

  • Publishing blog posts and new pages from provided Word or Text documents
  • Adding/Removing/Editing text on posts, pages, products, etc.
  • Uploading provided JPG and PNG images and adding to pages
  • Cropping/Resizing images within the WP Dashboard
  • Adding provided Yoast keywords, titles, snippets, etc
  • Adding/Removing/Editing menu items
  • Configuring popups, notification bars, and slide-in features based on provided text, images, and examples
  • Create image galleries
  • Edit page slugs
  • Adding/Removing/Editing users
  • Upload PDFs
  • Adjust widgets
  • ...and much more

5. Specialised Marketing Consulting

Our premium website care plan also includes monthly marketing strategy consulting.

I will help you develop and update a profitable marketing strategy that will define your vision, mission and online business goals, and outline the steps you need to take to achieve these goals.

This comprehensive strategic planning tool will:

  • describe your business and its products and services
  • explain the position and role of your products and services in the market
  • profile your customers and your competition
  • identify the marketing tactics you will use
  • allow you to build a marketing plan and measure its effectiveness.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Consulting

We analyse your website and look for new ways to optimise your website so that you convert more website visitors into customers.  

We will help you design new pages, content and copywriting. Finally, we will monitor the performance of these changes - doing more of what works and stopping what isn't working. 

SEO Consulting

In addition to this, you will receive monthly search engine optimization (SEO) consulting.

Each month we will analyse, review, improve websites and search engine results performance, and incoming links.

This is a critical part in conveying expert advice, guidance, actionable tasks, and recommendations that will enable you to earn more natural search engine traffic, qualified marketing and sales leads, and higher search engine ranking positions.

What is Your Onboarding Process?

When you sign up, you just need to fill out a form that we will send you.

That form will be used to provide us with your WP admin and FTP credentials.

Once we receive this information, one of our happiness engineers will log into the site to install our plugins and get the site connected to our remote maintenance system.

We’ll also run a quick test of the off-site backup system and make sure the security scans are running.

If there are any outstanding core or plugin updates, we’ll perform those as well.

You will also receive a dedicated email address to send your task requests to.

It will be received by our team of happiness engineers immediately and you’ll get an email confirmation.

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/ mth

  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Security
  • Updates & Backup
  • Unlimited Content Edits
  • Unlimited Page Builds
  • 24/7 team of WP experts
  • Up to 2 hrs of daily dev time
  • Marketing Consulting
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/ mth

  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Security
  • Updates & Backups
  • Unlimited Content Edits
  • Unlimited Page Builds
  • 24/7 team of WP experts
  • Up to 2 hrs of daily dev time
  • Marketing Consulting

Free Digital Marketing

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During this call you can find out more about how Kase Dean can help you get more clients and make more sales.

The session is an opportunity for me to find out more about your business, your revenue goals and what will be needed to help you succeed.